Links 9/1/22

Links for you. Science:

Nuclear fusion power inches closer to reality
Officials ‘cautiously optimistic’ about falling monkeypox cases
Webb telescope is already challenging what astronomers thought they knew
After years of setbacks, NASA’s SLS moon rocket is ready to fly
‘It’s an incredible place’: CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on how she hopes to reform her battered agency. Acknowledging its failings during the pandemic, she promises faster, clearer public health advice (again, I don’t see how this would have led to better decisions in the critical months of April-May 2021)
If You’re Suffering After Being Sick With Covid, It’s Not Just in Your Head


Student vaccinations slowed during covid. Can schools catch them up?
The filibuster killed the $35 insulin price cap
Yes, a bald eagle went through a TSA checkpoint. It was on a business trip.
Who Killed Dasha Dugina?
Conservatives think education is a threat. They’re right.
The Chip & Joanna of MAGA America?
They were some of the last journalists at their papers. Then came the layoffs.
Joe Biden Could Have Gone a Lot Further on Student Loans
A model for neighborhood renewal: Two lawyers have helped build thousands of affordable houses in 30 cities using an obscure federal tax incentive
The New Income-Driven Repayment System Could Cause Some Big Problems
What is a ‘museum’? A revised definition looks forward, not back.
How Biden Got It Just Right on Student Loan Forgiveness
Dungeons & Dragons: How the company behind the iconic game lost its way
Alex Jones and the Lie Economy. The incentive to churn out fantasy is more powerful than any defamation suit.
The Pithiest Critique of Modern Conservatism Keeps Getting Credited to the Wrong Man
Is the United States headed for civil war?
Laura Ingraham is delusional to think GOP voters will grow tired of Trump. They love his crimes
Nebraska school officials close newspaper after LGBTQ issue
The Creep of History
Finally, a Sunday anchor puts his foot down on Espionagegate
Fascism: Semi, Neo, Proto, Crypto
Why my child and I traded Arizona for a more tolerant New York City
Why Doesn’t America Build Things?
Fall Vaccination Campaign Will Bring New Shots, Worse Access. Updated Covid vaccines, expected soon after Labor Day, were designed to thwart Omicron variants. But money to distribute them has dried up.

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