Links 8/30/22

Links for you. Science:

Rapid Increase in Suspected SARS-CoV-2 Reinfections, Clark County, Nevada, USA, December 2021
Anywhere but here: China now insists the pandemic didn’t start within its borders. Its scientists are publishing a flurry of papers pointing the finger elsewhere
Pigs to the Rescue: An Invasive Species Helped Save Australia’s Crocodiles
Understanding early pandemic SARS-CoV-2 transmission in a medical center by incorporating public sequencing databases to mitigate bias
Laboratory Misidentifications Resulting from Taxonomic Changes to Bacillus cereus Group Species, 2018–2022
Strategies Adopted by Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men to Prevent Monkeypox virus Transmission — United States, August 2022


Quiet Quitting: White Collar Workers No Longer in the Mood to Give More at Work Than They Are Paid For
‘Frustration and Stress’: State Officials Fault Rollout of Monkeypox Vaccine (come on, Biden, stop sucking at this)
Student Debt Reduction
Marc Goldwein and the Limits of Deficit Scolding. On student debt cancellation, America’s foremost spending scold believes whatever he needs to believe to stop progress.
Long COVID, Cognitive Impairment, and the Stalled Decline in Disability Rates (maybe people will listen to economists, if not biologists?)
Enraged Anti-Vaxxer Arrested for Vile FBI Threats in Wake of Trump Raid
‘Living with Covid’ should be countered by containing the virus once and for all
Judge who denied Florida teen an abortion citing grades loses reelection
What Happens When an Entire Party Reorients Around a Central Delusion? We’re Gonna Find Out!
Biden’s Student-Loan Forgiveness Is Good. It Could Have Been Revolutionary.
The Disproportionate Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Healthcare-Associated Infections in Community Hospitals: Need for Expanding the Infectious Disease Workforce
Dark Brandon Rises
‘I’ve Seen a Lease Calling for Daily Lap Dances’
Another Republican lie is born
Judge Rules COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement For D.C. Government Workers Is Unlawful
Stop improving things right now! Everyone must suffer as I did!
For Some Locals, Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Is ‘A Lifechanger.’ For Others, It’s Only The First Step
Yes, Americans Are Better Off Under Biden. Households have seen a stunning rise in employment and income, even considering inflation.
Local LGBTQ+ Nonprofit Casa Ruby Was Financially Mismanaged For Years Before Its Closure
Leaked audio of a billionaire GOP donor hands Democrats a weapon
This Is How Modern Societies Prosper, Unless You’re an Idiot
D.C. to provide $1,000 for school expenses to 15,000 needy families
Maybe Donald Trump’s Big Lie is, well, um, good for democracy?

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