Links 8/15/22

Links for you. Science:

How is monkeypox spread?
How strongly does statistical reasoning influence knowledge and acceptance of evolution?
A tale of two plasmids: contributions of plasmid associated phenotypes to epidemiological success among Shigella
What’s driving the massive, destructive rainfalls around the country
The consciousness of bees. Experiments indicate that bees have surprisingly rich inner worlds
The Webb telescope is astonishing. But the universe is even more so.


Looking for Clarence Thomas. He grew up speaking a language of the enslaved on the shores of Pin Point, Georgia. He would become the most powerful Black man in America, using the astonishing power vested in a Supreme Court justice to hold back his own people. Now he sits atop an activist right-wing court poised to undo the progressivism of the past century. What happened?
These Companies Know When You’re Pregnant—And They’re Not Keeping It Secret
The scariest part of the Alex Jones story
What would happen if a state official refused to certify an election?
With FBI search of Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s whining kicks into overdrive
What Is Elon Musk? And how is it possible that he could emerge from his Twitter debacle more culturally dominant than ever?
Hear Me Out: Trump Won’t Run Again
Relative Pandemic Severity in Canada and Four Peer Nations During the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic
Joe Manchin, The Greatest Democrat
To the Right, Everything is Lexington and Concord Now: And the media isn’t helping with constant talk of ‘historic’ and ‘unprecedented’ events.
Surely Doctors Won’t Have To Obey The Law
Boston mayors have had an open-door policy with real estate developers. Not Michelle Wu.
Decades Of Abortion “Discourse” All Garbage
State Legislatures Are Torching Democracy. Even in moderate places like Ohio, gerrymandering has let unchecked Republicans pass extremist laws that could never make it through Congress.
Who’s Shocked that Kyrsten Sinema Went to Bat for Hedge-Funders? But if it hadn’t been her, it might have been someone else. Here’s why Congress can’t kill the carried-interest loophole.
Abortion bans complicate access to drugs for cancer, arthritis, even ulcers
Sometimes they are all of them at once
The Inflation Reduction Act is Not Designed to Reduce Inflation
Inside London’s Struggle to Wean Itself From Russian Billions
Young progressives have every right to feel disaffected. They should vote anyway. (old ones too!)
Phoenix could soon become uninhabitable — and the poor will be the first to leave
Monkeypox vaccinations in Africa would have spared the whole world from this emergency
Antisemitism from the ‘left’ matters too. Great to see Democrats across the spectrum condemn it

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