Links 8/14/22

Links for you. Science:

Reduced incidence of Long COVID referrals to the Cambridge University Teaching Hospital Long COVID clinic
Duration of Symptoms and Association With Positive Home Rapid Antigen Test Results After Infection With SARS-CoV-2
A.I. Is Not Sentient. Why Do People Say It Is?
Footprints Discovery Suggests Ancient Tracks May Cover the West
Oldest DNA from domesticated American horse lends credence to shipwreck folklore
Ancestral SARS-CoV-2, but not Omicron, replicates less efficiently in primary pediatric nasal epithelial cells


Compounding the problem of student debt: Forgiving college debt will get us only so far. We have to nix interest on student loans as well. (exactly this)
The Right-Wing Plot To Destroy Public Libraries
Why monkeypox vaccine shortage may threaten the immunocompromised
The Religious Right’s Agenda Is Center Stage Again — And It’s As Unpopular As Ever
It’s Not Just Kansas—Voters Nationwide Are Pro-Choice. The Kansas landslide is a reminder that, even in red states, voters will protect abortion rights.
Bill Russell really was the greatest of all time
Bill Russell Was a Revolutionary
I just want this bill to have some fun (and help the rich avoid taxes)!
Jewish Law Permits Abortion—So Is There a Case to Restore Reproductive Rights?
In the 1880s, D.C.’s doctors argued about malaria and its cause
The Democrats’ Working-Class Deficit
Want to rebuild U.S. manufacturing? Time to talk about immigration.
Remembering Artist Alberto Gaitán, 1955–2022. D.C. loses its premier “cybernetic, cross-media” artist and beloved arts impresario.
In Harvard admissions case, will justices cherry-pick their history? (yes)
Alabama City Disbands Entire Police Department Over Racist Text (defund, if you will…)
How a Phoenix record store owner set the audiophile world on fire. MoFi Records claimed its expensive reissues were purely analog reproductions. It had been deceiving its customer base for years.
GOP Objections Kill Proposed Cap On Insulin Costs In Private Insurance
Russian men, dying in war, leave many families sad, angry and silent
GOP Objections Kill Proposed Cap On Insulin Costs In Private Insurance
Abortion law in Indiana leads to fallout for state, politics
This Is The Most Underappreciated Part Of The Democratic Prescription Drug Bill. Some Medicare recipients spend more than $10,000 a year on lifesaving medication. That could change.
Republicans are coming after Social Security. Democrats, take note.
Social Compacts
Democrats’ $80 billion wager: A bigger IRS will be a better IRS

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