Links 8/12/22

Links for you. Science:

Genome sequencing of up to 6,000-yr-old Citrullus seeds reveals use of a bitter-fleshed species prior to watermelon domestication
Pseudofinder: Detection of Pseudogenes in Prokaryotic Genomes
How Can We Resolve Lewontin’s Paradox? (it can take a long time to reach Glorious Equilibrium Day)
Heart disease after COVID: what the data say
The Efficacy of Facemasks in the Prevention of COVID-19: A Systematic Review
Everything you need to know about Paxlovid — especially, should you take it?


The Best Evidence Yet That the Climate Bill Will Work
Nancy Pelosi, China and the Slow Decline of the U.S. Military
FBI Admits It Got 4,500 Tips on Brett Kavanaugh—Then Punted Them to Trump Team (why does Wray still have a job?)
With help from BA.5, new COVID hospitalizations quadrupled since April
The Manchin-Approved Budget Bill: A Hell of a Lot Better Than Nothing
Dems’ Gift To Their Wall Street Donors: Democrats were set to mostly preserve, not close, a Wall Street tax loophole, before they dropped it entirely.
How Misinformation About COVID Vaccines and Pregnancy Took Root Early On and Why It Won’t Go Away
Metro Failed To Maintain Rooms With Equipment That Keeps Trains From Colliding, Safety Commission Finds
The Dying American Southwest
John Eastman worried he wasn’t going to get paid for his work instigating a seditious coup
Metro Failed To Maintain Rooms With Equipment That Keeps Trains From Colliding, Safety Commission Finds
The Supreme Court wasn’t always the final arbiter of the Constitution
Upset over LGBTQ books, a Michigan town defunds its library in tax vote
Why criticism of Democrats for boosting radical Trumpists is wrong
Why D.C. Is Less Vulnerable To Hurricane Flooding Than Other East Coast Cities
Geospatial disparities in federal COVID-19 test-to-treat program
FTX-Backed PACs Expand the Crypto Lobby in Congress
The Billionaire’s Dilemma
100,000 New Cops? There Are Far Better Ways to Fight Crime.
Dick Cheney Has a Lot of Damn Gall to Get Sanctimonious about Lying to the Public
You Could Fire Him
How Can America Stop Creating Lauren Boeberts?
A Very Dangerous Place to Be Pregnant Is Getting Even Scarier. Texas leads the US in maternity ward closures, and nowhere is this more of an issue than in the western part of the state.
The Kleptocrat Who Bankrolled Rudy Guiliani’s Dive for Dirt on Biden

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