Links 8/8/22

Links for you. Science:

Halitrephes maasi
JBrowse 2: A modular genome browser with views of synteny and structural variation
Risk of BA.5 infection in individuals exposed to prior SARS-CoV-2 variants
Say Hello to Hells Bells, the World’s Largest Collection of Living Stalactites
The Effect of Vaccine Mandates on Disease Spread: Evidence from College COVID-19 Mandates
Monkeypox is Spreading Fast. Now Kids Are Getting It, Too


Fight Back, Blue America! Red states are using the Dobbs decision to reach into blue states to try to change our way of life. They want a culture war? Let’s give ’em one.
The News And Talking About The News
Gab users are responding to the Doug Mastriano controversy by calling for antisemitic violence
Defund The Secret Service
Martin Scorsese Remembers Paul Sorvino: ‘A Great, Generous Soul, and an Irreplaceable Artist’
NorthShore to pay $10M to settle Covid vax mandate lawsuit; Fired workers could get $25K and their jobs back (presiding judge is a Trump-appointed Federalist Society judge)
Casa Ruby shuts down the rest of its operations, and workers go unpaid
Critical Race Theory’s Merchants of Doubt
Abortion bans violate religious freedom, clergy say in new legal campaign
Georgia’s Gun Laws Are Forcing Atlanta’s Midtown Music Festival to Cancel This Year: The annual event takes place in Piedmont Park, a public space where guns are permitted and a short-term tenant of that property can’t enforce its own ban
First Impressions on the Execution of Ayman al-Zawahiri
White House names FEMA’s Fenton as monkeypox coordinator
How the U.S. Let 20 Million Doses of Monkeypox Vaccine Expire
Verizon Says Good Riddance to One America News
DC Attorney General Moves To Cut Off Casa Ruby Founder From Organization’s Funds
Students protest teacher they say pushes conservative political, religious views in class
Top Democrats, Alleging Cover-Up, Seek Testimony on Secret Service Texts
Kansas nuns oppose state abortion amendment, challenging archbishop
Adventures in the Archeology of Time
The Republicans Who Want Election Laws to ‘Stay Broken’
Eric Goulet Launches a Ward 3 State Board of Education Run Amid Campaign Finance Investigation
Despite signage, D.C. drivers aren’t slowing in school zones, study says
The Illegal Airstrips Bringing Toxic Mining to Brazil’s Indigenous Land
Manchin’s bill requires 50 votes. Defending constitutional rights should, too.

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