Links 8/3/22

Links for you. Science:

Unearthing the Secret Superpowers of Fungus
What if the focus on calories and energy balance is simply wrong?
New Giant Dinosaur Discovery Reveals Why Many Prehistoric Carnivores Had Such Tiny Arms
Melioidosis Locally Endemic in Areas of the Mississippi Gulf Coast after Burkholderia pseudomallei Isolated in Soil and Water and Linked to Two Cases – Mississippi, 2020 and 2022
Rapid Adaptation of Established High-Throughput Molecular Testing Infrastructure for Monkeypox Virus Detection
Respiratory mucosal immunity against SARS-CoV-2 following mRNA vaccination


Biden’s “new normal” on COVID is neither normal nor new
What’s Up With Dan Snyder’s Yacht?
Emu and chef team up to thwart fleeing driver who sprinted away from crash site
Twitter says it bans using ‘groomer’ as an anti-LGTBQ slur—but its enforcement is lacking
A Walgreens employee refused to sell condoms to a couple on religious grounds
Oklahoma Threatens Librarians: ‘Don’t Use the Word Abortion’. After a total abortion ban in the state, library workers in Oklahoma were warned to not help patrons find abortion-related information, period.
You Be You
As BA.5 continues to blaze across US, feds scrap summer booster plans
Why Andrew Yang’s New Third Party Is Bound to Fail
Hey, That’s Weird: The Texts for Trump’s Top DHS Officials Are Also Gone
Samuel Alito Gloats About Abortion Ruling, Says Boris Johnson ‘Paid the Price’ for Condemning It. It’s pretty weird for a Supreme Court justice to give such an overtly political speech, but I guess we’re not pretending the court is legitimate anymore.
The Misfit Toy Caucus Rides Again. Whining a litany of culture-war grievances entirely divorced from reality.
Republicans Just Scored Some Spectacular Own-Goals After Getting Outmaneuvered By Chuck Schumer
Bolivia’s Coup President Jeanine Áñez Has Been Brought to Justice
American gun violence has immense costs beyond the death toll, new studies find
We Need to Keep Building Houses, Even if No One Wants to Buy. Right now, builders have too many homes and not enough people to sell them to. In the long term, the United States has the opposite problem: Not enough houses for all the people who want them.
Progressives Call on Voters to Stop Sending Millionaires to the Senate
Flight attendant forced to quit job after suffering from long Covid. Katherine Francis, 29, said she ‘never thought’ she would be ‘in this situation’
Trump and the Trajectory of the Trump Presidency
“DOEE has launched a community pilot program to allow citizens to document violations of DC’s Anti Idling law”
D.C. may end right-on-red for cars, let cyclists yield at stop signs
Officials steer away from mask mandates and mitigation measures despite COVID rise

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