Links 8/2/22

Links for you. Science:

The So-Called Murder Hornet Has a New Name. The Entomological Society of America has officially adopted the name “northern giant hornet” for the invasive, bee-eating wasp. (‘wokeists’ run amok no doubt…)
Effectiveness Associated With Vaccination After COVID-19 Recovery in Preventing Reinfection
Unexplained post-acute infection syndromes
Community college science students are more than an ‘untapped resource’
Private buyer spends $6.1 million on dinosaur skeleton as scientists fume


Lost in the Archives. It isn’t obscure, but the National Archives is important
How the Secret Service Handling of Jan. 6 Looks to a Former Agent: “The whole thing stinks.”
It’s Past Time to Replace IRS Chief Charles Rettig. No more Trump cronies overseeing the tax authority
Monkeypox became an emergency because we’ve neglected LGBTQ community health
Joe Biden working while covid-sick was not ‘white supremacy’ (there is a subset of the left which is kinda dim and really bad with words)
DOJ investigation of Trump’s Jan. 6 actions sets off round of teeth-gnashing by Fox News pundits
A hero of the Trump right shows his true colors: Whites only
Every Time
The chips bill means the Era of Hands-Off Government is over
Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer Have a Surprise for You. An 18-month odyssey culminates in a smaller-than-promised, bigger-than-expected agreement to lower health care costs, tax corporations, and protect the planet.
This Grandma’s Dying Wish Was a Giant Dick on Her Grave
Gawk at these DALL-E renderings of DC streets freed from cars
Yes, Chili’s started in Dallas. And $100 per day was the goal.
Should DC’s Empty Office Buildings Get Turned Into Apartments?
The Yinzers vs. The Jagoff
A Legal Showdown Over Section 8 Discrimination Is Brewing in Dallas Suburb
On abortion, Dems begin offensive in Va. as GOP renews old attacks
By the Usual Standards of American Politics, Most January 6th Testifiers Would Be a Disgrace
The Anti-Abortion Movement Is in Denial
Why the third-party talk from Forward goes nowhere
Pennsylvania GOP Governor Candidate Doug Mastriano Refuses to Denounce Nazi Ally: An incredibly ominous sign in the GOP’s rightward lurch.
Here’s a test to see whether Supreme Court justices are above the law
Inside the GOP Freakout Over J.D. Vance’s Senate Campaign

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