Links 7/31/22

Links for you. Science:

The mystery of early milk consumption in Europe (paper here)
The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan was the early epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic
Symptoms and risk factors for long COVID in non-hospitalized adults (looks like long COVID is ~1% of infected, though control symptom rates seem lower than other studies)
Decades of systemic racial disparities in funding rates at the National Science Foundation
560 million-year-old tentacled creature may be the animal kingdom’s first known predator
The molecular epidemiology of multiple zoonotic origins of SARS-CoV-2


The Democrats Didn’t Just Fail to Defend Social Programs. They Actively Undermined Them. (important)
We Are a Joke to Them. Don’t let conservatives laugh while we die (excellent)
A Word of Advice to Chief Justice Roberts: Retire
Every Day
How to stop gun violence? End poverty and racism.
Five Points On Doug Mastriano’s Relationship With An Anti-Semitic Tech Founder
Why a Middle-Class Lifestyle Remains Out of Reach for So Many
What Did You Think Recession Causing Policies Were Going To Do
Faceblocked. Finally antitrust enforcers act against a big tech merger. The Federal Trade Commission filed suit to stop Facebook from buying a popular VR app maker and thus dominating the virtual reality space.
Dem Sens Call On GOPers To Go On Record About Support For Right To Contraception
Kenyan McDuffie’s At-Large Bid Scores Fundraising Help from GOP Donor and Lobbyist David Carmen (in this era, any Democrat who has Republican advisors and donors should be persona non grata)
Alabama Takes From the Poor and Gives to the Rich
France’s mustard shortage fuels drama and panic in grocery stores
Will the House Find a Way to Screw Up Electoral Reform?
Not So Unacceptable
Why Jessica Ramos Went After AOC
Large Numbers Of D.C.’s Youth Experiencing Homelessness Are LGBTQ+. Here’s What They Need
Without Media Accountability, Republicans Will Govern Like a One-Party State
Trumpification of all politics: The Lee Zeldin mess should be a career ender. Instead it’s a boost.
He’s Baseball’s Only Mud Supplier. It’s a Job He May Soon Lose.
It’s no wonder right-wing justices didn’t weigh Dobbs’s awful impact on women
GOP senators have a plan to avoid a marriage equality vote. Are Democrats really falling for it?
How Did Maryland Republicans Nominate Two Extremist Screwballs for Statewide Office?

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