Links 7/29/22

Links for you. Science:

Antibiotic-resistant infections could dwarf the COVID-19 pandemic
Ring Vaccination Beat Smallpox. Could It Work for Monkeypox?
Acne bacteria, study suggests, thrive when skin oil turns infection-fighting cells into accomplices
The untold story of the lithium-ion battery’s roots in Boston
Why Rain Smells So Good But Tastes Really Bad
Swedish study on COVID vaccines and DNA misinterpreted


No President Is Safe From His Own COVID-19 Policy (I wish N**e S****r would read other 538 writers…)
Alex S. Vitale on Rethinking Policing in The Wake of Uvalde
The most dangerous threat to America? White male entitlement.
Why “Crime” Isn’t the Question and Police Aren’t the Answer
Atrios Always… Always Angry
More product from the Both Sides Do It anti-woke assembly line
I used to be optimistic about America’s future. Not anymore.
The biggest obstacle to a better night-life in Boston? The T.
The Gun Industry Created a New Consumer. Now It’s Killing Us.
It’s the virus, stupid.
Dems fume at Disney’s Hulu for blocking ads on abortion, guns, Jan. 6
Steve Bannon’s bluster falls flat: Trumpism is weakened when its leaders face consequences
A white nationalist moved to Idaho in search of an ‘ethnic enclave.’ He’s not alone.
The Pete Buttigieg Fake Governing Problem. Biden antitrust enforcers and bank regulators are cracking down on the powerful. Pete Buttigieg is doing the opposite. This administration is a contest between real governing and fake governing.
The Myth of the Good Trump Official
The Hidden Fees Making Your Bananas, and Everything Else, Cost More
Is Democracy Constitutional? In Moore v. Harper the Supreme Court will decide if anyone besides itself should be able to adjudicate American election law.
An Economy of Overfed Middlemen. A venture capitalist called Equal Ventures just says it straight-up, we seek to invest in monopolization.
Democrats’ Problems Go Beyond Joe Manchin: The West Virginia senator is more a consequence than a cause.
The white-nationalist Patriot Front is getting bigger, and more visible, in New England
America Is Running Out of ‘COVID Virgins’
The Monkeypox Vaccine Hunger Games Are On Everybody’s angry, some are in denial, and … it’s hot out here.
Doug Mastriano is deleting his videos from Facebook as he runs for Pa. governor
Youngkin appoints Confederate statue defender to historic resources board

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