Links 7/21/22

Links for you. Science:

They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes: The Ocean Was Glowing.
Maternal morbidity and fetal outcomes among pregnant women at 22 weeks’ gestation or less with complications in two Texas hospitals after legislation on abortion
New COVID Vaccines Will Be Ready This Fall. America Won’t Be. Respiratory-virus season starts soon, and our autumn vaccine strategy is shaky at best.
Nasal spray lowers Covid viral load by 94 per cent in 24 hours: Lancet study
With monkeypox spreading globally, many experts believe the virus can’t be contained
With a sniff or a swallow, new vaccines aim to put the brakes on Covid-19 spread


Part of How They Took Away Your Bodily Autonomy Was Through Terrorism
The Sensible Hustle
How media coverage drove Biden’s political plunge
When Paying Dues Doesn’t Pay the Rent, How Does the Theater Survive?
The Economist Magazine, Which Helped Usher in Pinochet Dictatorship in 1973, Opposes Voters Overturning Pinochet Constitution
Democrats are done ‘Waiting for Manchin.’ Time to get on with it.
Dobbs decision will rob many medical students of essential abortion training
AIPAC Has Taken Over the Democratic Primary Process. What will it take for Democratic leadership to cry foul?
One Small Step for Democracy in a ‘Live Free or Die’ Town
D.C. Could Take A Pivotal Piece Of The Criminal Justice System Back From Federal Control. Why Is It Taking So Long? (because Bowser sucks at governance)
The challenge of turning pro-choice Americans into pro-choice voters
The Democratic Party Is No Match for a Nation on Fire
When Austerity Is a Bigger Problem Than Inflation
The Extremes Are Not Unusual. A 10-year-old in need of an abortion is shocking, but it’s not isolated.
May Build Back Better Never Be Spoken Of Again
Bowser’s Delays Could Cost D.C. the Chance to Take Back Control of Parole From the Feds: Advocates fear the city has missed a golden opportunity to gain more autonomy and help incarcerated people.
The Hotel-Spirit: Bringing back a grand American institution could transform society. What’s stopping us?
‘It’s Not Good To Be A Renter These Days’: Rents Are Climbing In The D.C. Area, With No Relief In Sight
Texas House report on Uvalde shooting blames all agencies at scene
A new gold rush pits money and jobs against California’s environment
All the Little Things You Lose in the Culture War. The lending library of Vinton, Iowa, is just the latest victim of bigotry.
A clever plan to foil a 2024 coup attempt quietly advances
Texas’ Uvalde Report Shuts Its Eyes to One Obvious Conclusion

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