Links 7/15/22

Links for you. Science:

Magnificent Hubble image of a cluster warping space and stripping gas
Whose breath are you breathing?
Edits to a cholesterol gene could stop the biggest killer on earth
Is BA.5 the ‘Reinfection Wave’?
NIH launches clinical trial of mRNA Nipah virus vaccine
Duration of Shedding of Culturable Virus in SARS-CoV-2 Omicron (BA.1) Infection


MAGA is complicit — not conned: Trump supporters were the most pivotal part of his coup
Wave Goodbye
An old man in a dry month
Joe Biden Is Too Old to Be President Again
Breed and New DA Jenkins Pushing Hard to Expand Police Access to Private Security Cameras All Over Town
The Rule of Law Requires Constraining a Corrupted High Court
How Hospitals Undermine Reproductive Rights
Beware Of The ‘Recent Monticello Visitor’
Uber paid academics six-figure sums for research to feed to the media
The Democrats Need to Start Playing Offense
Purely a Political Battle, Not a Legal One
Education Doesn’t Work 2.0
Post-Roe, many autoimmune patients lose access to ‘gold standard’ drug
Ron DeSantis Would Kill Democracy Slowly and Methodically: Whether he’s as bad as Trump isn’t the question.
Anti-Abortion Zealots Were Precursor to Donald Trump’s Right-Wing Shock Troops
D.C. Could Allow Residents With Unpaid Debts To Get Driver’s Licenses. Traffic Safety Advocates Have Concerns
Here Are the Orwellian Details of the U.S. Patent JPMorgan Got Approved for Its Sprawling System of Spying on Employees
Sen. Joe Manchin May Not Be Kingmaker in West Virginia for Long
The Right’s Big Score: How the Conservative Elite Gambled and Won
What Are They For
Schumer is pushing hard for what’s left of Biden’s big economic agenda. Manchin is being Manchin
The Sensibles
Meet Rufus, the hawk who keeps pigeons away from Wimbledon

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