Links 7/10/22

Links for you. Science:

At least 115 UK researchers to lose their ERC grants
Delta reinfection risk low among unvaccinated children
Parenteral mucosal chemokine adjuvant enhances synDNA vaccine-mediated peripheral and mucosal responses to SARS-CoV-2 and provides heterologous protection in vivo
COVID was the leading cause of death in Americans ages 45-54 in 2021
Effects of Previous Infection and Vaccination on Symptomatic Omicron Infections
How Psychopaths See the World. It’s not that they can’t consider other people’s perspectives. It’s that they don’t do so automatically.


It’s Time to Stop Living the American Scam
The Southwest is bone dry. Now, a key water source is at risk.
Blaming Moechella for Violence Continues Years of Criminalizing Go-Go
Work at a school or nonprofit? You could erase student loans
How a Celebration of Go-Go Music Became a Scapegoat For Violence in D.C. Public response to a shooting near this year’s ‘Moechella’ demonstration is part of a long history of criminalizing Black music
Please, pundits, stop trying to predict the future. You’re bad at it.
Police Militarization Gave Us Uvalde. The adoption of aggressive, military-style tactics and weaponry has put American policing on the wrong track for decades.
Texans are seeing what a post-Roe world looks like. The GOP may regret it. (inclined to agree)
The Shrinking of the Middle-Class Neighborhood
Is Joe Manchin about to do the right thing?
The Republican Moms Apologizing to Their Liberal Kids
Popularism’s Iraq War problem. My main objection to the current line of neo-centrism is that I’ve seen this all play out before. And it ended in disaster.
Senate Democrats slowly consider their options after Roe
Some Things Biden Could Actually Do About Abortion (Besides Just Tell You to Vote)
Does Building Luxury Condos Create More Affordable Housing?
Right Wing “Populism”
Scenes From the Republican Surrender to Trump Why We Did It: Tim Miller’s GOP tell-all.
The Most Pathetic Men in America. Why Lindsey Graham, Kevin McCarthy, and so many other cowards in Congress are still doing Trump’s bidding
Pamela Paul’s Great Replacement Theory. The New York Times columnist lays the groundwork for a mainstream case for trans exclusion.
Herschel Walker Lied About His Secret Kids to His Own Campaign
Significant cultural monument destroyed by fundamentalist Christian lunatics egged on by fascist politicians and it’s not even a story
The Left-NIMBY meltdown. It’s getting harder to pretend that blocking new housing helps poor people.

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