Links 7/9/22

Links for you. Science:

How Animals See Themselves
Young Trans Children Know Who They Are. A new study shows that gender-nonconforming kids who go on to transition already have a strong sense of their true identity—one that differs from their assigned gender.
Researchers are studying long COVID in kids — here’s what they know so far. Misconceptions about COVID in kids slowed study, researchers say.
Remember Pizza Rat? Meet Pollinator Rat. In a city in Colombia, researchers say, common rodents help a plant produce fruit when they snack on its flower petals.
Nanopore-only assemblies for genomic surveillance of the global priority drug-resistant pathogen, Klebsiella pneumoniae
Giant African land snails put Florida town in quarantine


To combat sleep loss, California schools are pushing back start times
The Supreme Court’s Holy War Against Public Schools
Missouri state rep resigns after federal conviction for COVID-19 fraud scheme
How Much Will the Abortion Police State Cost?
Schumer kicks off renewed Biden plan effort, sending drug pricing proposal to parliamentarian
‘We are killing people’: How technology has made your car ‘a candy store of distraction’
Feinstein’s Clearly a Problem
Ohio Is Teeing Up a Potential Public Health Calamity With This Latest Proposal
Activists want anti-vaccine amendment in Ohio Constitution
Everything About How the Highland Park Shooter Got His Guns Is Utter Insanity
These 1920s apartments inspired one of the best noir films ever made
The Fed Can’t Fix What’s Driving Inflation. But It Can Start a Recession.
The Thin Red Lines: My unexpected obsession with rapid testing
Americans support student loan forgiveness, but would rather rein in college costs
Comey and McCabe, Two Trump Foes, Both Faced Intensive I.R.S. Audits
The Far-Right’s Assault On An Idaho Pride Event Was Meticulously Planned. Details that emerged after the arrest of 31 white supremacists in Coeur D’Alene show how GOP rhetoric is signaling extremists to attack LGBTQ people.
Inside the Obsessive World of Taschen’s Custom Book Stands: The publisher’s 50-pound editions are too big for most furniture, so it makes its own.
These Photographs Capture the Indescribable Glory of Trains
Days after securing PA GOP Senate nomination, Dr. Oz gave keynote speech at multi-level marketing conference
The Strident Writings of a Young Blake Masters Dog His Senate Run (the headline and subhead don’t even mention the anti-Semitism; what is going on over at the NYT?)
The ‘Dobbs’ Backlash and the Democrats’ Choice. Republicans on the Supreme Court overturned the will of the majority; do liberals have the leadership to fight back?
Climate activists plan to disrupt Congressional Baseball Game
Widely Used Hospital Gowns Show Signs of Exposing Workers to Infection

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