Links 7/8/22

Links for you. Science:

Did COVID vaccine mandates work? What the data say
The next epidemic may be here. The U.S. isn’t ready for it
More Guns, More Unintended Consequences: The Effects of Right-to-Carry on Criminal Behavior and Policing in US Cities
The Dangerous Populist Science of Yuval Noah Harari
Still wearing a face mask? Your choice may be influenced by your race
NASA’s Return to the Moon Starts With Launching a 55-Pound CubeSat


“We trust the people and we ask them to manage their own Covid risk”
Democrats can’t rely on Biden if he doesn’t rhetorically meet the moment (Et tu, Jennifer Rubin?)
D.C. Health Director LaQuandra Nesbitt to step down from role
Who hates inclusivity? The question answers itself.
The Supreme Court Case That Could ‘End American Democracy’
A ‘radical’ is coming for bank fees — and the industry hates it
Michigan’s Republican secretary of state nominee warns demon possession is sexually transmitted
Ruling by Fear
The Pieces Have Come Together At The Capital Checker Club’s Adams Morgan Clubhouse
There’s so much more to Jewish jokes that the ‘mean Jew’ stereotype
The battle that will determine the future of American passenger rail
Why Do Some People Think There’s a ‘Scromiting’ Epidemic in the US?
Kenyan McDuffie’s Move to an At-Large Bid Sets Up a Bruising Battle with Elissa Silverman
Democrats Are Headed for a Disaster With Unfilled Judicial Vacancies
Trump-backed Michigan secretary of state nominee said abortion is ‘child sacrifice’
Towering risks: As development rises above the Mass. Pike and MBTA stations, the complexity of such mega-projects is in focus
U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to crack down on ‘deceptive’ crisis pregnancy centers in Massachusetts, across the country
Why Did Medieval Cities Hire Street Musicians as First Responders?
Ten Ways Billionaires Avoid Taxes on an Epic Scale
The New Romney Benefit Will Be an Administrative Mess
America is in the grip of a right-wing minority
SCOTUS Justices ‘Prayed With’ Her — Then Cited Her Bosses to End Roe
Bill to grant crypto firms access to Federal Reserve alarms experts

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