Links 7/6/22

Links for you. Science:

A 16th century Escherichia coli draft genome associated with an opportunistic bile infection
Orcas are eating great white sharks’ livers off South Africa’s coast
Will There Be Enough Monkeypox Vaccine? A factory making Jynneos, the safest vaccine, has been closed since August, threatening global supplies as the virus spreads.
Psychology needs to get tired of winning
The mystery of how dinosaurs had sex
The mysterious vanishing of MIS-C. The hyperinflammatory syndrome after Covid-19 in children has all but disappeared


This July 4, let’s declare our independence from the Founding Fathers
A Clunky Mask May Be the Answer to Airborne Disease and N95 Waste. Experts say the U.S. government has unintentionally encouraged a dependency on imported masks by failing to promote elastomeric respirators, a reusable mask that is domestically produced.
‘It Was All Just a Show’: Confessions of a Republican Campaign Hit Man. Tim Miller’s new book reveals the ways he and his fellow GOP operatives poisoned the national discourse and helped enable the rise of Donald Trump.
Texts, web searches about abortion have been used to prosecute women
‘Moderate’ Democrats Are Anything But. Politicians genuinely aiming to represent the center of American politics would not block policies that poll over 90 percent approval, as today’s ‘moderates’ have done.
The Man Who Broke Capitalism
I escorted women into an abortion clinic. Protesters were relentless.
The Supreme Court’s gun ruling sets a disturbing new precedent: Ignoring scientific evidence
Chaos is a Ladder
Remember RadioShack? It’s now a crypto company with wild tweets.
A Small Town’s July 4 Parade Has Been Upended By Right-Wing Culture Warriors. The parade’s planning committee selected a local retired Marine to be grand marshal. Then the threats came pouring in.
The Democratic Party Needs Better Moderates: The centrists have lots of complaints but no solutions.
Republicans are in trouble now
Cassidy Hutchinson and coup’s great mystery: What if Trump went to the Capitol? A White House aide’s stunning testimony proves Donald Trump was eager to recreate Mussolini’s March on Rome, and raises a lot of ‘what ifs.’
Some Texas schools may call slavery ‘involuntary relocation’
Indict Them All: The U.S. government has to treat a lawbreaking coup attempt as criminal, despite the prosecutorial challenges
Will Reactionaries Impose a Red-State Social Order on the Rest of Us?
I Had The Good Kind Of Abortion, The Catholic Kind
Google hit with more privacy complaints for “deceptive” sign-up process
The Case for Expanding the Court Before November
We Shouldn’t Destroy What Is Working in Our Economy

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