Links 7/5/22

Links for you. Science:

Summer in America is becoming hotter, longer and more dangerous
The Citation of Retracted COVID-19 Papers is Common and Rarely Critical
Where’s the herd immunity? Our research shows why Covid is still wreaking havoc
They Uncover New Fossils, but They Also Bite. Harvester ants in Nebraska unearthed thousands of fossilized teeth and jaw bones, leading scientists to the discovery of 10 new species.
Selective visuoconstructional impairment following mild COVID-19 with inflammatory and neuroimaging correlation findings (“…suggests a more specific impairment in the visuoconstructional processes of COVID-19 patients.” Oh goody.)
Out of the forest. We have thought of humans for a century or more as creatures of the savannah, shaped in every way by grassland life. Not so (maybe)


Democratic Strategies that Don’t Court Disaster (excellent)
Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony was even more terrifying than they’re telling you
1989-2001: America’s Long Lost Weekend (very good)
Maybe the Democrats aren’t doomed in November
People Will Still Die In Anti-Abortion States That Have ‘Lifesaving’ Exceptions
A new Supreme Court case threatens another body blow to our democracy
Minnesota’s GOP-Controlled Senate Legalizes THC Edibles — Not Totally On Purpose
U.S.-supplied HIMARS changing the calculus on Ukraine’s front lines
From bars to inns, a grassroots monkeypox prevention campaign is launched as thousands descend on Provincetown
Joe Biden Is Not the Fighter America Needs: The president loves the system far too much to fix it.
Younger voters agree with Democrats — but don’t trust them. Here’s how to fix that
It’s time to break the glass on the five-alarm fire that is the U.S. Supreme Court
Deleting Your Period Tracker Won’t Protect You
‘I Keep Waiting for the Feds to Come’: The Jan. 6 Investigations Have Trumpworld on Edge
Supreme Court makes up rule to enforce reactionary political preferences, part infinity
Another summer of discontent for MBTA riders casts a long shadow on downtown Boston’s rebound (D.C. feels Boston’s pain…)
What A Bunch Of Dumbasses
What we get wrong about the Fourth of July
‘It Was All Just a Show’: Confessions of a Republican Campaign Hit Man (worth reading for the natural history)
President Biden is considering canceling some student debt. Here’s why he should go big.
The White House Did Not Push to Fund a Key Energy Cost-Saving Tool. Missouri Rep. Cori Bush fought to secure $100 million to carry out Biden’s new plan to speed domestic production of clean energy. (the Dreaded Squad did this, not moderate Democrats. Just saying.)
New York Governor Signs Bill Restricting Concealed Carry Of Firearms

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  1. Diane says:

    The link to “Out of the Forest” on Aeon sadly doesn’t work. If it was about the work of Jeremy DeSilva on the early origin of bipedalism he is interviewed on this recent video: and his 2021 book on the subject is First Steps. I have read about a quarter of the book and provisionally recommend it, even if the article is about something else.

  2. If you want to feel public transportation pain, come to Buffalo. I miss the MBTA! As bad as it may be, it’s WAY better than the NFTA!

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