Links 7/4/22

Happy Fourth of July! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

Different virus, same mistakes: Why (re-) emerging viruses are one step ahead of us
F.D.A. Says Next Covid Boosters Should Target Omicron Subvariants. The decision was an acknowledgment that the current shots may no longer be as protective for at least some Americans by the time a possible fall or winter surge arrives. (at times, Paul Offit hasn’t made a lot of sense…)
A Canine Companion So Nice It (Maybe) Evolved Twice. Two different ancient wolf populations contributed DNA to modern dogs, according to a new study.
Characterization of virologic rebound following nirmatrelvir-ritonavir treatment for COVID-19
First reported case of a person getting COVID from a cat (TEH KITTEHZ)
The Pandemic Is Waning. Anthony Fauci Has a Few More Lessons to Share. (except the pandemic isn’t waning exactly…)


The Supreme Court Is the Final Word on Nothing (excellent, must-read)
The Right Wins Because They Understand Power (also must-read)
In the Wake of ‘Dobbs,’ Biden Leans on Familiar Excuses for Inaction
D.C. ends coronavirus contact tracing effort, laying off 131 workers
Narratology: State of the Theory
Children’s book removed from Pride Month display in library after one dad complained
What FDR and Two Former Fed Chairs Understood About Social Security
The myth at the heart of the praying Bremerton coach case (should be “lie”, but still good)
Silverman Accuses Mendelson of Trying to Delay Three of Her Bills to Death
The Incredibly Disturbing Texas GOP Agenda Is a Vision For a Theocratic Dystopia
Sinema kills plan to codify abortion rights — then fundraises on protecting women’s health care. Sinema won’t back filibuster carveout to pass an abortion bill she is co-sponsoring
Supreme Court’s decision on abortion sparks health tech’s Cambridge Analytica moment
Waiting (and Waiting) for an Adams Doctrine: Six months into a highly energetic mayoralty, how has Eric Adams changed the city — if at all?
FDA says COVID boosters for the fall must target newer omicron types
Antiabortion lawmakers want to block patients from crossing state lines
The Path to Give California 12 Senators, and Vermont Just One. Maybe the two-senators-per-state rule isn’t as permanent as it seems.
In trainings, Florida tells teachers that religion belongs in public life
Gators Daily is the shitpost economy’s apex predator. The Twitter account’s rise to viral fame made absolute sense in the internet’s ecosystem. What its creator did with it is another story entirely.
In Florida, DeSantis’s plans for colleges rattle some academics
Kangaroo Escapes Captivity Thanks To The Help Of Another Animal

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