Links 6/29/22

Links for you. Science:

Patterns, Predictors, and Inter-Center Variability in Empiric Gram-Negative Antibiotic Use Across 928 U.S. Hospitals
Viral dynamics of Omicron and Delta SARS-CoV-2 variants with implications for timing of release from isolation: a longitudinal cohort study
COVID-19 positive patients at higher risk of developing neurodegenerative disorders, new study shows (paper here)
Eastern Monarch Butterfly Population Hints at Recovery
New bacterium roughly the size, shape of an eyelash smashes size record
The US COVID-19 surveillance environment: An ecological analysis of the relationship of testing adequacy in the context of vaccination


America Is in the ‘Figure It Out Yourself’ Era of the Pandemic (must-read)
The End of Roe of Is Going to Be a Nightmare for Women in the Military
Ron Johnson now says he helped coordinate effort to pass false elector slates to Pence, but his new explanation drew a quick rebuke
In D.C., seniors often struggle to find food: The city has highest rate of senior food insecurity in the country
No, Justice Alito, Reproductive Justice Is in the Constitution
Decades Ago, Alito Laid Out Methodical Strategy to Eventually Overrule Roe: A slow-burning hostility to constitutional abortion rights runs through the career of the author of the Supreme Court opinion overturning them.
It’s Always 1994
Does France have more restrictive abortion policy than Mississippi? (SPOILER: no and please stop pretending you know anything about abortion policy)
‘Infuriating’: Biden Rebuked for Continued Opposition to Supreme Court Expansion
Monkeypox Could Exploit a Big Weakness in Sexual Health Care
We need to talk about the overruling of Roe, what the GOP/authoritarian movement wants, and where we’re heading.
‘Roe is on the ballot,’ but Democrats need to let voters know exactly where and how
Companies: Protect Workers. Teams: Protect fans. That means no conferences, events, or in-person work requirements in anti-abortion states.
How the GOP threat in 2022 just got much uglier after Roe
The hypocrisy of abortion as a corporate perk
Where to get abortion pills and how to use them. New US restrictions could turn abortion into do-it-yourself medicine, but there might be legal risks.
5 big truths about the Supreme Court’s gutting of Roe
With violent rhetoric and election denial, podcaster becomes GOP force. Joe Oltmann has built a sprawling political network in Colorado marked by false 2020 claims and suggestions that opponents be hanged
America’s middle class is deteriorating. The death of Roe will make it worse. The Supreme Court’s reproductive rights decision is poised to deliver a blow that many in a squeezed middle class cannot sustain.
Republican candidate for Congress suggests pregnancy from rape is nearly impossible: “The individual, the male, is doing it … quickly,” said Yesli Vega, Republican running for Congress from Virginia
The Biden administration has dropped the ball on vaccine development
Facebook Is Banning People Who Say They Will Mail Abortion Pills
A QAnon ‘Time Traveler’ Is Running a GOP Congressional Campaign (“Steinbart also got in trouble with the authorities in September 2020, after he was found to be using a fake penis, or “Whizzinator,” to avoid taking a routine drug test while out on pre-trial bail…”)

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