Links 6/27/22

Links for you. Science:

Plausibility of Claimed Covid-19 Vaccine Efficacies by Age: A Simulation Study
‘It’s a lost cause’: Inside the last stand of New England’s soft-shell clam. The fight to keep the Ipswich clam going — along with a way of life that has grown up around it — amid the existential threat of the green crab. (global warming rears its head here)
Gut virome profiling identifies a widespread bacteriophage family associated with metabolic syndrome
Phage-plasmids spread antibiotic resistance genes through infection and lysogenic conversion
A bacterium that is not a microbe. A new discovery challenges the prevailing view of the boundaries of bacterial cell size
You Don’t Need a Microscope to See the Biggest Bacteria Ever Found


When abortions were illegal—and how women got them anyway (must-read)
Bipartisany Goodness
How Greedy Corporations Fuel Inflation
D.C. Power Players Are Paying Thousands of Dollars to Find Dates
Dangerous as the Plague: The long history of panic over queer “seduction”
Proud Boys ginned up on ‘groomer’ rhetoric bring their menacing ways to LGBTQ Pride events
Who’s Going to Save Local Businesses From Amazon And Other Monopolies? The U.S. Postal Service.
The stunning Art Nouveau interior from 1907 of the world famous Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest, Hungary.
The Supreme Court Is Coming Dangerously Close to Complete Illegitimacy “…the Supreme Court simply cannot survive if it has no democratic legitimacy, which it doesn’t if it is just a conservative think tank with absolute power.”)
The court claims a right to abortion is not “deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition.” Is that true? I searched 18th century newspapers because I wanted to learn how people really felt about abortion at America’s founding. Answer: they loved abortion.
For moderates, the end of abortion rights should be a wake-up call
The Supreme Court declares war on modern America
The Long, Troubled History of the Supreme Court—and How We Can Change It
The racial ignorance of Virginia’s health czar
Why Centrist Democrats Love Promoting Right-Wing Extremists
Semiconductor legislation failures show why the U.S. struggles to compet
Senator Elizabeth Warren calls on Biden to use federal lands to protect abortion access
End the tipped wage to help back-of-house staff
Florida undercounted COVID cases and deaths, failed to get test results, state audit says
Monkeypox cases surge as WHO stops short of declaring a global emergency
Meet the Billionaire and Rising GOP Mega-Donor Who’s Gaming the Tax System

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