Links 6/25/22

Links for you. Science:

A brief history of bioinformatics
A Tribute to George A. Jacoby
Endemicity is not a victory: the unmitigated downside risks of widespread SARS-CoV-2 transmission
SARS-CoV-2 Transmission Associated with an Indoor Music Event That Required Proof of Full Vaccination Against COVID-19 Prior to Entry—Seattle, July 2021
Early SARS-CoV-2 Reinfections within 60 Days and Implications for Retesting Policies
Scientists Zero In on Origins of the Monkeypox Outbreak


IF YOU WANT TO PLAY THE LONG GAME, IT HELPS TO HAVE SOME SHORT-TERM WINS (excellent; “But Republicans can give their voters victories over trumped-up enemies, and they do so regularly. That’s why their voters had the patience to play the long game on abortion.”)
The Supreme Court Is Not Supposed to Have This Much Power. And Congress should claw it back.
The Supreme Court Took the Most Extreme Course Possible: In overturning Roe v. Wade, the conservative majority embraced a vision of the United States as a country by and for white men. (“The problem is that people have voted. People have marched. People have knitted hats. People engaged in wholesale civil unrest for an entire summer during a pandemic. Nothing has stopped the conservatives. “Normal,” “acceptable,” “institutionalist” responses have, by and large, failed.”)
Dear political reporters: You’ve got your election narrative now
US allows commercial labs to test for monkeypox
The Well Off Can’t Escape All Constraints
The Hard Right Has Gotten What It Paid For. The Court’s decision on Friday was a victory for clinic bombers, murderous snipers, stalkers of doctors, and vandals of all kinds.
Dear Pelosi and Schumer: Cancel recess. Expand the court. Nuke the filibuster
Five COVID Numbers That Don’t Make Sense Anymore
Too many Democrats are already failing the test the Supreme Court’s abortion decision poses
Spurred by Roe overturn, senators seek FTC probe of iOS and Android tracking
The 3-Day Return to Office Is, So Far, a Dud
Elite Law Brain: June 24, 2022
Naval reservist arrested, accused of storming Capitol with Proud Boys
Sanders Says End Filibuster to Combat ‘Outrageous’ Supreme Court Assault on Abortion Rights
Decision Destroying Roe Threatens Legal Right To Interracial Marriage, Experts Warn
Truck Driver Rams Into Abortion Rights Demonstrators At Roe Rally In Iowa
The Jan. 6 Hearings Have Been So Much Better Than I Expected
12 Americans Die of an Overdose Every Hour. We Have the Knowledge to Prevent That.
Former Marine steps down as July 4 parade grand marshal of Texas town after threats of violence. A Houston conservative talk show host who started the deluge of taunts celebrated the threats against the woman’s family on Twitter.
‘Vote For Democrats’ Is Not Enough In A Post-Roe America. Young Democrats are begging their elected leaders to do more.
Trump swayed by ‘dangerous ideas’ about coronavirus, Birx tells House panel

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