Links 6/6/22

Links for you. Science:

Effectiveness of Paxlovid in Reducing Severe COVID-19 and Mortality in High Risk Patients
Community transmission of monkeypox in the United Kingdom, April to May 2022
Giraffes May Be Long-Necked for Fights, Not Just Food
Association Between COVID-19 Booster Vaccination and Omicron Infection in a Highly Vaccinated Cohort of Players and Staff in the National Basketball Association
Rats Learned to Hide and Seek. Scientists Learned Way More.
In the Mekong’s murky depths, giants abound, new expedition finds


What’s fast is prologue (excellent, must-read)
We’re all part of the same hypocrisy
A Democratic ‘Contract With America’ for 2022
‘Originalism’ and other nonsense: How right-wing Supreme Court Justices rationalize mass murder
Academic mentors wield great power. We need to feel safe talking about abuses
Lessons From the Golden Age of the Mall Walkers
Trump’s Insurrection Is Building Professionalized Institutions: Next time, they won’t rely on amateurs.
The Second Civil War Already Happened, and The South Won
Two Professors Found What Creates a Mass Shooter. Will Politicians Pay Attention?
The Rise and Fall of Wall Street’s Most Controversial Investor
Why pedestrian deaths in the US hit a record high in 2021
Who won the Depp-Heard trial? Content creators that went all-in.
We’ve Known How To Prevent A School Shooting for More Than 20 Years
The Supreme Court Is Building Its Own Surveillance State
There Is Way More Biden Can Do to Lower Prices
Eight weeks of therapy, plus some cash, can change the lives of violent men
The Mall King Who Would Be L.A.’s Mayor: To get an idea of what kind of leader Rick Caruso might be, take a walk through the Grove.
First she documented the alt-right. Now she’s coming for crypto.
In big cities, guns bring fear—not freedom
GOP passes bill aiming to root out ‘suspected’ transgender female athletes with genital inspection
Militia member believed to have shot and killed a former judge in Juneau County; sources say suspect hit list included Governor Evers
The (Not A) Mystery Of Class Size

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