Links 5/27/22

Links for you. Science:

Chimpanzees have their own language — and scientists just learned how they put “words” together
How Rapid Reinfection Has Changed the Covid Fight
‘Dawn of a new creature’: after a vicious attack, a city ponders living with coyotes
As reports of ‘Paxlovid rebound’ increase, Covid researchers scramble for answers
Hundreds of endangered baby giant turtles released into Cambodian river
Vaccines may not prevent many symptoms of long covid, study suggests (study here)


The Really Thin Blue Line (must-read)
The Unanswered Question: If an entire generation thinks the system is broken, might that be a “you” problem? (excellent)
What Are You Going To Do About It (excellent)
The Disastrous Legacy of the New Democrats. Clintonites taught their party how to talk about helping people without actually doing it. (also very good)
The Surveillance State Is Primed for Criminalized Abortion
Whistleblower report on baby formula didn’t reach top FDA food safety official
As office-centric downtowns struggle, suburbs cater to the laptop crowd
A Pro-Charter School Group is Stirring Up Controversy Again, This Time with Phil Mendelson Mailers (DFER is awful)
‘Ashamed’ Russian diplomat resigns over Putin’s ‘aggressive war’
GOP Ideologues Keep Flopping In Their Efforts To Take Over School Boards
CBS offered Kellyanne Conway a platform to rehab her image. The network should rescind it. Conway was a diehard defender of Trump’s racist policies, and her new memoir is just a cheap attempt at PR
Defund The Police
The Story Is the Victims. I sure as hell am not in the mood for any discussion of the “appropriateness” of Beto O’Rourke’s press conference interruption.
A viral video forced a wealthy Texas suburb to confront racism. A ‘silent majority’ fought back.
We Need to Act on Guns Before Our Souls Are Dead. If you disagree, you are corrupt and evil. It really is as simple as that.
When Terrorism Is White, As It So Often Is. Don’t go looking for consistency in the application of counterterrorism. The only relevant consistency is America’s tolerance of white terrorism, terror as American as apple pie.
In the Absence of Action on Guns, All We Have Are Celebrity Reactions
Uber Is Ready to Accept Failure, Sort Of
Pro-Trump ‘electors’ in Wisconsin hit with first-of-its-kind lawsuit
Trump Said to Have Reacted Approvingly to Jan. 6 Chants About Hanging Pence. The House committee investigating the Capitol assault has heard accounts of the former president’s remarks as he watched the riot unfold on television.
He loves Alabama, but for his child he must leave
White Supremacy’s Warped Rationale. The Buffalo shooter wasn’t deranged. He ascribed to a coherent ideology.
Defund The Centrist Pundits

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