After Fifty Years of Ineptitude

While Rebecca Traister is discussing abortion, this sentiment about professional Democrats applies to so many policy issues (boldface mine):

None of what is unfolding now is about short-term strategy or single-cycle results. Nor is it about a single presidential administration. When Roe is gutted or gone, we are looking at decades, lifetimes of harm, and a whole new terrain, in which the perils will not look like those of the past.

The Democratic Party shouldn’t look like the past either. The fight into the future must be different — really different — than it has been over the past five decades, since the old way of business has seemingly resulted in a colossal failure that the party has yet to reckon with, let alone take any responsibility for. That fight must be led by new voices, many of whom have been characterized by their more timid colleagues as disruptive and difficult, as radical and controversial, even when the cases they are making are in fact very popular with American voters, when the persuasive and powerful stories they tell are real….

The tragedy is that the Democratic Party now faces its own decades-long battle. Decades of cruelty and injustice. Decades in which there will be ample, grievous time to get the stories right.

This could be said about so many issues. One of the supposed selling points of the New Democrats was they could win elections: sure, the left, construed broadly, wouldn’t get what it wanted, but, at least, New Democrats would stop Republicans from wreaking havoc (at least on ‘social issues’–on economic issues, the New Democrats too often were very similar to Republicans). In other words, we might not get healthcare, but at least, the law in its majesty (to use a phrase) would keep abortion safe and legal.

Meanwhile, this headline from a DailyKos post inadvertently displays a small part of the problem:

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 9.48.25 AM

Rep. Cheney isn’t remotely close to being a Democrat. She’s just not an insurrectionist. But that’s where we are.

By its own criteria, the New Democratic wing of the party has failed. Time for some new, but not New, Democrats.

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