Links 5/21/22

Links for you. Science:

Historical contingency drives compensatory evolution and rare reversal of phage resistance
Limit of Detection for Rapid Antigen Testing of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron and Delta Variants of Concern Using Live-Virus Culture
Surgeons, Infectious Diseases, and Twitter Hit a Home Run for Antibiotic Stewardship
Is an unknown, extraordinarily ancient civilisation buried under eastern Turkey?
Patients Diagnosed with Post-COVID Conditions: An Analysis of Private Healthcare Claims Using the Official ICD-10 Diagnostic Code
Researchers Use Algae to Power a Computer for Months


Omitting long Covid from pandemic messaging is harmful for public health (yes it is)
“Case Numbers Don’t Matter”—and Other Fatal Covid Fallacies
We need a definitive exit from our Covid-19 pandemic. Here’s the roadmap
‘This isn’t just gonna go away’: Long COVID is crashing the retirement hopes of many Americans
Michigan election chief: Trump suggested I be arrested for treason and executed
Putin’s Private Army Accused of Raping New Moms on Maternity Ward (CAR not Ukraine)
Repealing The Trump Tariffs Won’t Fix Inflation
A look at the time Tucker Carlson asked Hunter Biden for a favor
Why do so many L.A. apartments come without fridges? Inside the chilling mystery
Kurt Schrader Could Be the Next Establishment Democrat Toppled by a Progressive Challenger (and he was!)
Ron DeSantis’ press secretary seems to believe fake news story about homophobic dog, gets ridiculed
Madison Cawthorn Tantrums And Vows To Expose GOP National Figures After Primary Loss
Yes, the Left Should ‘Vote Harder’
Federal employees may need to leave red states for reproductive care. Biden needs to back them up
Seems Bad
5CA panel: administrative law is unconstitutional
That’s Right
Conservatives Are Defending a Sanitized Version of ‘The Great Replacement’
White terrorists have ‘Tucker Carlson Syndrome.’ Millions are vulnerable to it
Don’t be fooled by the myths about kids and COVID flourishing on social media
The Decade of Cheap Rides Is Over: How American life was changed by a subsidy Uber and Lyft can no longer afford.
All of Those Quitters? They’re at Work. The Great Resignation was in fact a moment many people traded up for a better-paying gig.
The Democrats Are Frozen With Fear of the Midterm Voter
Here’s why the arguments against canceling student debt make no sense

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