Links 5/18/22

Links for you. Science:

SARS-CoV-2 in Exhaled Aerosol Particles from COVID-19 Cases and Its Association to Household Transmission
How life could have arisen on an ‘RNA world’
The Answer to Stopping the Coronavirus May Be Up the Nose
Deep Sea Mining May Uplift Clean Energy—and Curse Our Oceans
Crocodile Dad Gives Over 100 Babies a Ride on His Back
How Often Can You Be Infected With the Coronavirus? The spread of the Omicron variant has given scientists an unsettling answer: repeatedly, sometimes within months.


How Public Health Failed America. The U.S. clearly failed to heed expert advice, but there’s plenty of blame to go around.
Living With The Far-Right Insurgency In Idaho. A radical GOP faction, in open alliance with extremists, is seizing power and targeting its opponents with cruelty. Some wonder: Is it time to leave?
The People Who Promised Roe Was Safe Are Already Selling Their Next Bridge
How Elise Stefanik and the GOP sanitize ‘great replacement’ ugliness
Mainstreaming a murderer’s manifesto: Conspiracy-driven extremism is not limited to the gunmen
The War on the Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party. Corporate interests are coming for the millions of progressive voters who joined with the center left to elect Joe Biden and a Democratic Congress.
I was wrongly detained at the border. It’s part of a larger problem. It shouldn’t be so hard to differentiate between law-abiding U.S. citizens and wanted criminals
Elise Stefanik pushed ‘replacement theory’ that inspired Buffalo shooter. Got free ride in media. No. 3 in GOP House leadership, the New York Republican is more influential than Cawthorn, Gosar, Greene and others. And promotes white supremacy just like them.
Yes, Tucker Carlson Shares Blame for the Buffalo Supermarket Attack. The white nationalist’s conservative allies mount an unconvincing defense.
The Supreme Court Makes Ted Cruz A Half-Million Dollars Richer. With the latest SCOTUS decision to further deregulate campaign finance, the Texas senator will be able pay himself back with fresh donor money.
The Supreme Court just made it much easier to bribe a member of Congress
The Age of Rationing. From pandemic supply chain snarls to baby formula shortages, we forgot that physical production isn’t magic, and we need to engineer it for stability.
Doug Mastriano aide who blocked media at campaign event was at Capitol on Jan. 6
Almost half of Metro train operators aren’t properly certified, Metro says
Disturbing primary elections show how the GOP normalizes extremism
A woman who takes on neo-Nazis sees ominous signs in mass shooting
Public Safety Under Covid: Temporary Restraining Order Sought Against Williamstown, MA Over Refusal to Hold Town Meeting in Safe Venue
How Australia Saved Thousands of Lives While Covid Killed a Million Americans
DCision 2022: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Voting In D.C.’s Primary Election
Metro General Manager Wiedefeld To Retire Early, COO Resigns After Safety Recertification Lapse

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