Links 5/8/22

Links for you. Science:

Trolling Is Taking a Toll on Science Journalism
Just 2% of SARS-CoV-2−positive individuals carry 90% of the virus circulating in communities
Nose Spray Vaccines Could Quash COVID Virus Variants
COVID vaccines need to be evolving much faster
A better solution to America’s big hurricane problem
Americans Are Missing a Key Stratum of Modern Knowledge: To understand how climate change is altering our planet, it helps to know a little Earth science.


Democrats need to truly engage the abortion fight (excellent)
Why such a lack of compassion on student debt?
TSA Covid Infections Have Jumped 50% Since The Mask Mandate Was Lifted
Supreme Court’s hacks reward Republicans’ betrayal of democracy
Alito’s Opinion is Traditionalism Masquerading as Originalism
Why Banning Abortion is Terrible For Public Health
Making the Supreme Court Safe for Democracy: Beyond packing schemes, we need to diminish the high court’s power.
How Local Abortion Funds Have Been Getting Ready For The End Of Roe
Democrats push to ensure women get free birth control promised by ACA
Justice Alito Cited a Few Cromwellian Nightmares In His Draft Opinion
Is It Bad When Women Die? Views Differ
Watching Giuliani Turn Chicken In Front of the January 6 Committee Must Be Hilarious to a Number of People
Defund Women’s Health Care
Of Course the Constitution Has Nothing to Say About Abortion
In Spirited Debate, D.C. Mayoral Candidates Differ On Hiring More Police And Control Of Schools
Our endorsement for Ward 1 DC Council: Brianne K. Nadeau
Biden isn’t serious about forgiving student debt. ‘Means-testing’ is a con
In Leaked Abortion Decision, Justice Alito Relies on Jurist Who Supported Marital Rape, Executed ‘Witches’. The draft Supreme Court opinion striking down Roe v. Wade heavily references Sir Matthew Hale, a 17th century Brit who dehumanized women. (my take here)
Tucker Carlson, workplace menace
What happens when the public loses faith in the Supreme Court?
My Story: How I Was “Groomed” by My Elementary School Teachers
Canceling Student Debt Is Morally Right. It’s Also Good Politics for Democrats.
How Tucker Carlson Reshaped Fox News — and Became Trump’s Heir

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Nose Spray Vaccines Could Quash COVID Virus Variants

    I see occasional articles about this, but they never seem to make it through the process. To quote a great baseball manager whose name I cannot remember, “When you’re a rookie, and they say you have potential, that’s a compliment. When you’ve been around a few years, and they still say you have potential, it’s no longer a compliment.”

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