Links 5/6/22

Links for you. Science:

SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.529 (Omicron) Variant Transmission Within Households — Four U.S. Jurisdictions, November 2021–February 2022
COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake Among Nursing Home Staff via Statewide Policy: The Mississippi Vaccinate or Test Out Policy
Drug-resistant fungus could be spreading from the environment to the clinic
Secondary Attack Rates for Omicron and Delta Variants of SARS-CoV-2 in Norwegian Households
Get Ready For the New, Improved Second
New ClusteredNR database: faster searches and more informative BLAST results


The Institutionalist’s Dilemma: On trusting the process after it’s openly failed (excellent, must-read)
Minority rule is the real reason Roe v. Wade is dead (excellent, must-read)
Abortion Drugs Fundamental to Ancient Economies, Argues Historian (very interesting)
They’re Coming for Griswold, and Obergefell, and Lawrence, and Loving
Meet Abortion Bans’ New Best Friend—Your Phone
Russian state TV shows clips simulating Ireland being wiped out by nuclear weapons
As the US supreme court moves to end abortion, is America still a free country?
Can California Build Its Way Out of the Homelessness Crisis?
It’s Time to Rage
The Supreme Court bombshell may soon get even worse for Democrats
What Trevor Noah Got Desperately Wrong at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner
The Attack on Big Mouse Is Also an Assault on Democracy
The New Abortion Restriction No One is Talking About. Anti-abortion laws have traditionally allowed an exception to protect the “life of the mother.” Not anymore.
An upset win over the ‘enjoy rape’ MAGA candidate speaks volumes
Every Republican Political Ad
The Supreme Court’s religion-driven mission sets off a firestorm
The GOP roars about abortion. Then they abandon the children.
Let’s throw out the term ‘culture wars.’ This is religious tyranny.
For Jews who can become pregnant, access to abortion services is a religious *requirement*, and has been for thousands of years. Surprised? Let’s dig into some of the texts.
The Washington Quid Pro Quo and a Comment on Roe v. Wade
Can Republicans Stop Patients From Leaving the State for an Abortion? Some Are Willing to Try.
Republicans Eye Repealing All Rape Exceptions, Targeting Self-Managed Abortions

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    The US has never been a “free country”, only “free-ish”.

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