Links 4/30/22

Links for you. Science:

The doorstop fallacy
Watch What Happens When You Crack an Egg Underwater
Birth of six endangered red wolves has their advocates howling for joy
Pan-coronavirus vaccine pipeline takes form


Since the pandemic began, DC Council has passed a number of laws that require the city to report certain information about DCPS COVID cases and quarantines as well as about mitigation efforts. Unfortunately, we’re missing nearly all of the data we’re entitled to.
How Nebraska’s Governor Became A General In A Right-Wing War Against Biden’s Conservation Goal
What Would the Attorney General Race Look Like Without Kenyan McDuffie? Here’s a Preview.
Robert Moses is Dead: Biden’s “Reconnecting Communities” program is stuck in the past
NHL’s Brandon Sutter says long Covid has sidelined him for entire season
The Most Damning Part of the Meadows Texts
Public Schools Fray as Pentagon Gets More Pork
Why the Great American Lawn is terrible for the West’s water crisis
Sanders pressures Biden on Amazon unions: ‘The time for talk is over’
Is politics making people sick? A lot of young people say so
Trump’s COVID-19 pandemic response was second-rate and deceitful, a new report shows
Trump’s Appearance on Truth Social Reminds Us ‘Truths’ Is a Perfect Name for These Un-Tweets
Whiny, “bored” White House reporters evoke no sympathy
The new Republican statism
D.C. Residents Have Some Of The Highest Student Debt Burdens In The Country. Many Aren’t Ready for Payments To Resume
Trump Supporters Explain Why They Believe the Big Lie
Former Idaho lawmaker found guilty of raping intern
A Clash Over Housing Pits U.C. Berkeley Against Its Neighbors
It appears CNN and the New York Times forgot a lesson of the Trump years
Robert White Pledges To Tackle Public Safety With Massive Green Jobs Program

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    “The doorstop fallacy” contains a fake word: detruce. Perhaps they meant detritus?

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