Links 4/23/22

Links for you. Science:

Canada ignored warnings of virus infecting farmed and wild salmon
With chicken eggs and household supplies, undergraduates blaze a path toward low-cost antiviral
Quarter of U.S. covid deaths were probably preventable with vaccination
The CDC is warning of a mysterious and dangerous rash of liver-injuring hepatitis cases in kids
Almost half of Canadians may have caught COVID (meanwhile the CDC hasn’t updated its similar data for over one month)


Withholding Information For The Book (excellent: “The problem with journalists knowing things but not sharing them is that it taints all of their reporting.”)
It Makes Total Sense if You Still Don’t Want to Get COVID (yes, it does)
Sorry, New York Times: Republicans aren’t “concerned” about democracy — they want to destroy it
Panic! On the Editorial Page
Democrats Against Democrats
Jan. 6 Cop Says Sen. Mike Lee ‘Lied’ After Pushing to Overturn Election
‘I’ve Had It With This Guy’: G.O.P. Leaders Privately Blasted Trump After Jan. 6
From Black Site Operative to ‘Beauty and Life Coach’: An American Success Story
Ron DeSantis’s war on Disney points to an ominous GOP future
Mom warns of COVID-19 misinformation after she says she became anti-vaccine influencer
The intertwining of identity with political and cultural power
Elon Musk Enters His Rupert Murdoch Phase: Twitter is more powerful than any rocket or car he’ll build. No wonder he wants it so bad.
Large Number of Police Officers Leave MPD Due to COVID Vaccine Rule (3-4/month out of a 3,500+ police force…)
Riding a Bike in America Should Not Be This Dangerous
Censorship battles’ new frontier: Your public library. Conservatives are teaming with politicians to remove books and gut library boards
What the parade of GOP sexual misconduct allegations really tells us
Texas School Board Ousts Teacher Over Pro-LGBTQ Rainbow Stickers
NYC officials say more police will make subways safer. That’s questionable.
Construction firms hit Biden labor agreement plan that unions praise
‘They’re trying to assimilate us’: Ukrainian civilians deported to Russia describe forced evacuations and ‘filtration camps’
The Fake Artists Problem Is Much Worse Than You Realize

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