Links 4/10/22

Links for you. Science:

Why Biology Is Not Destiny: In The Genetic Lottery, Kathryn Harden disguises her radically subjective view of biological essentialism as an objective fact.
“This Shouldn’t Happen”: Inside the Virus-Hunting Nonprofit at the Center of the Lab-Leak Controversy (written a bit sensationalist, but some good facts in there)
Bridgerton’s Beloved Corgi Is a Total Fraud
What to Know About the Bird Flu Outbreak


Drop Iowa. Make DC first. The Democrats consider changing who votes first. (I said this in 2015…)
Are large indoor events safe? It’s impossible to know, making “personal choice” a false one. The math on events like the D.C. Gridiron dinner is variable and complicated, especially without testing or masks. (very good)
‘It’s devastating.’ As Boston-area weeklies close, towns ponder civic life without local news.
Why did it take Ukraine to remind us of war photography’s relevance?
Does the answer to Boston’s cash-strapped arts community lie in Lowell?
Trump’s new home is proving to be a magnet for political spending
Allegations of racism roil UMass Boston campus, new dean
Ukraine’s wheat harvest, which feeds the world, can’t leave the country
The truth about the NFL’s hiring practices keeps getting uglier
War Crimes Watch: A Devastating Walk Through Bucha’s Horror
As the war unfolds, this Boston Public Library curator is helping preserve Ukraine’s cultural treasures
I Took Revenge On My Rapist
Life Under Russian Occupation in Bucha. A Ukrainian mother and daughter talk about life under Russian rule in a town where war crimes are alleged to have taken place.
Adults Living With Gun Owners More Than Twice As Likely To Die Of Homicide, Study Finds
Did Ranked-Choice Voting Make It Easier for 2 Republicans to Back Ketanji Brown Jackson?
The Rise of Pentecostal Christianity
Time For A Twitter Ethics Panel
Organizing Against Precarity in Higher Education
MAGA Massacre: In Year Two of the pandemic, to sabotage Joe Biden, the GOP sacrificed its own voters by the tens of thousands
Former Republican staffer sentenced to 12 years in prison for operating child pornography ring

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