Links 4/2/22

Links for you. Science:

Highlighting COVID-19 racial disparities can reduce support for safety precautions among White U.S. residents
What Does Endemic Actually Mean?
Omicron is trouncing the argument for “natural immunity” to COVID
Florida’s Starving Manatees Ate ‘Every Scrap’ of Food in Trial Feeding Program
Up for crabs: making a home for red-clawed crustaceans in Taiwan


David Weil’s Defeat on the Senate Floor Is an Outrage. What’s the point of a Democratic Party if it isn’t going to protect the interests of working people?
‘The Danger Is Still There’ ― As Omicron Lurks, Native Americans Are Wary of Boosters
Please, Merrick Garland. Don’t wait for the Jan. 6 committee.
Qanon Anti-Vaxxers and Domestic Terrorists Are Aligning
In Hungary, Viktor Orban Remakes an Election to His Liking
Earmarks Are Good, Actually
A letter to the people of Mariupol. Whatever you do, do not lay down your arms.
US Treasury, Ducey administration fight over the use of COVID funds
193 Republican House Members Seem Perfectly Fine Screwing Over Their Diabetic Constituents
The Era of the Too-Bright Headlight Is (Slowly) Coming to an End
There’s a lot of talk right now about crime in San Francisco. Almost everything you’ll read in the mainstream press is wrong. I live in the Tenderloin and work in the courts every day. Here’s my take on what’s happening and why.
Why Teachers Are Afraid to Teach History
“The Left in the West must rethink” — a conversation with Taras Bilous
The “Watermarked Ballots” Theory Ginni Thomas Texted Mark Meadows Is Even Crazier Than It Sounds
Biden Again Keeps Ban On Recreational Marijuana Sales In D.C. In His Budget
Joe Manchin may be smaller and more corrupt than we even realized
Amazon hired an influential Democratic pollster to fight Staten Island union drive (Jen Psaki worked for this pollster about a decade ago)
House Democrats vote to make insulin affordable for people with insurance, 193 Republicans oppose it
The NFL’s New Overtime Rule Won’t Make Anything More Fair
America Is Running Out of Money to Fight Covid
A first look at the ballot for D.C.’s June primary elections
Killing Wolves to Own the Libs?

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