Links 3/31/22

Links for you. Science:

How Do Geckos Hunt Deadly Scorpions? Scorpions are legion so it pays to eat them, evolutionarily speaking. Now scientists in San Diego have figured out how adorable tiny lizards overwhelm their death-dealing prey
Variants of Concern Are Overrepresented Among Postvaccination Breakthrough Infections of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in Washington State
Black Professional Scuba Divers Talk Up Ocean Careers. Little Understood STEM Profession Opens Doors to Exciting Work
Inconsistent directions of change in case severity across successive SARS-CoV-2 variant waves suggests an unpredictable future
Identifying Clinically Relevant Genes in Bacterial Genomes (might be useful for some people)
Bobcats With a Taste for Python Eggs Might Be the Guardians of Florida’s Swamp


It’s High Time We Revisited Manafort’s Dirty Work In Ukraine
I’m Not Sure Mick Mulvaney, Accessory to Trump’s Scheme to Withhold Ukraine Aid, Is a Newsman for Our Times
Biden Again Keeps Ban On Recreational Marijuana Sales In D.C. In His Budget
Free To Be Just Like Me
Impeach Clarence Thomas
Joe Manchin Is the Embodiment of Justice John Paul Stevens’ Warning About Citizens United
Should I get another covid shot? (“A lot of people have been expressing “vaccine fatigue”, wondering what the end point is of all these shots. Ask a diabetic what the end point of their insulin is. We need to do whatever it takes to survive the pandemic…”)
Judge removes five West Chester school board members in response to masking opponents’ petition. The petition was filed by Beth Ann Rosica, a West Chester parent who is executive director of Back to School PA, the pro-school reopening political action committee.
Facebook paid GOP firm to malign TikTok
The Jan. 6 committee has been less effective than the Benghazi investigation
Cawthorn’s ‘orgies’ line shows how right-wing politics can boomerang
CBS News’ hiring of Mick Mulvaney is an embarrassment
They were prisoners in the Holocaust together. They just reunited.
Fuck Joe Manchin
Here’s how Trump could end up getting away with all of it
The Workaday Life of the World’s Most Dangerous Ransomware Gang
The rise of citational justice: how scholars are making references fairer
A conspiracy theory about Hunter Biden and Ukrainian biolabs went from QAnon supporters and far-right message boards to the Kremlin and Tucker Carlson
Let’s Compare the Coverage of Biden’s Putin Gaffe and Trump’s Plea for Putin’s Help
When Will the Elite Political Media Start Treating the Republican Party Like The Threat It Is?
Democrats Creating Their Own October Surprise. Imminent congressional inaction on Affordable Care Act subsidies will doom 14 million people, the party’s midterm chances, and health care reform for a decade
Turmoil at CBS News over Trump aide Mick Mulvaney’s punditry gig

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  1. hipparchia says:

    the aca should just die. it basically leaves everything up to the states, gives a bunch of money to insurance companies, AND it incorporates a bunch of the dartmouth atlas baloney into medicare.

    the federal government should be providing us with either a nationalized health insurance system (medicare for ALL, not just old people, was actually the plan originally) or a national health system (vha for all!). it should NOT be forcing us to buy an unaffordable ($8000 deductibles!), unreliable, unregulated product from an industry that is allowed to practice unlicensed medicine.

    the democrats could guarantee themselves another 2 or 3 decades of majority rule (and more chances to nominate supreme court justices) if they would just strike down the aca and replace it with offering everyone 3 choices — keep your employer’s insurance, or join medicare, or join the vha.

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