Links 2/25/22

Links for you. Science:

Scientists untangle mystery of naked giant chalk sculpture in England — with the help of some snails
‘He Goes Where the Fire Is’: A Virus Hunter in the Wuhan Market‘
Risks and burdens of incident diabetes in long COVID: a cohort study
‘Desperate, despondent, ignored’: Australian science at crisis point
Italian study shows ventilation can cut school COVID cases by 82%
Snakes’ and Lizards’ Slow and Steady Evolution Won the Race. A related lineage’s explosive growth leaves just one descendant today


Virginia senator says he has long Covid and introduces a bill to help those struggling with it (this is good, but also hold hearings and ask the CDC et alia what percentage of people will get long COVID, both vaccinated and unvaccinated)
The real – and far scarier – reason Republicans think Biden is illegitimate
Evictions Are Back. Black Renters Are Suffering the Most—Again.
$87.50 for 3 Minutes: Inside the Hot Market for Videos of Idling Trucks. A New York City clean-air program allows citizens to report idling commercial vehicles in exchange for a cut of the fines. Some drivers respond with fists.
Russia’s cash crunch results in a move that could destabilize the world economy
The Supreme Court Used What’s Left of the Voting Rights Act to Further Damage Voting Rights
Watch This Russian Journalist and Former Politician Predict the Outcome in Ukraine Back in April 2021
Rep. Mo Brooks says Trump asked him to ‘rescind the 2020 election,’ remove Biden and call special election
How Western News Is Getting Around Putin’s Digital Iron Curtain
Debra Meadows appears to have filed three false voter forms
Why I’m stocking up on masks and tests
Sanders Opposes America COMPETES Act Over Billions in ‘Corporate Welfare’
GOP drops any subtlety in centering the Jackson nomination fight on race
Federal Judge Blocks D.C. From Allowing Minors To Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent
Time To Lift The Ban On Swimming In The Potomac And Anacostia Rivers, Advocates Say
At a Young Russian Soldier’s Funeral, Denunciations of ‘Ukrainian Nazis,’ Soviet Dissolution. The Moscow Times attended the funeral of one of the thousands of servicemen believed to have died in Russia’s “special military operation.”
Schools nationwide are quietly removing books from their libraries
What if everyone voted? The case for 100 percent democracy.
Biden wants to spend infrastructure billions on climate and equity initiatives. But it’s not his call.
Lesson in bigotry: Conservatives take over the classroom to pull us closer to a gender-less dystopia. We already teach kids gender and sexual orientation every day — but we don’t have to teach hate
Airline CEOs call for end to federal mask mandate in letter to Biden
Defund The Police

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