Links 2/23/22

Links for you. Science:

U.S. cities will lose over 1.4 million street trees to insects by 2050
Plagiarism Scandal Puts Renowned Concussions Doctor Under Scrutiny
Bird-Friendly Building Design May Soon Be Required In D.C.
85,000 birds euthanized as South Dakota sees first avian flu outbreak since 2015
The Subtle Psychology of ‘Nudging’ During a Pandemic
He Trains Cops in “Witching” to Help Find Corpses. Experts Are Alarmed. Arpad Vass might compare himself to Galileo, but others say he is spreading pseudoscience.
How Putin’s War Is Sinking Climate Science. An American journalist leaves Russia as war breaks up the international collaboration key to climate research in the Arctic.


An Appalachian town was told a bitcoin mine would bring an economic boom. It got noise pollution and an eyesore.
We Need to Talk About Profits
How Russia will feel the sting of sanctions
Finlandization of Ukraine
‘They’re already on their way’: After three weeks of war, Kyiv and its residents have changed irrevocably. A dispatch from Meduza’s Liliya Yapparova.
How Are Putin’s Far-Right Fans in the West Reacting to His War?
Russia-Ukraine War of 2022: Who’s Responsible?
Russia’s Mistake
What Is War
A Brief (Haha) Primer on the DC Trucker Convoy – Part 1
‘Hell on earth’: survivors recount Mariupol’s annihilation under Russian bombs
Ukraine war gives Germany’s fight against right-wing extremism new momentum
Everyday Magic in the Middle Ages
What the New York Times doesn’t get about free speech and “cancel culture”
Why Journalists Love War
Speaking Of Democratic Moderates
Survived Hitler, murdered by Putin
Those Ukrainian Public Health Laboratories
Star ‘Seattle is Dying’ reporter for KOMO fired for video tweets promoting Proud Boys rally
Manhattan’s Chinese Street Signs Are Disappearing
Judge bars D.C. from vaccinating children without parental consent
D.C. Cops Probing Claim That People’s Convoy Struck a Pedestrian
Confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court is a start
At What Point Does a Billionaire’s Greed Hurt the Rest of Us?

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