Links 3/18/22

Links for you. Science:

Estimating plasmid conjugation rates: A new computational tool and a critical comparison of methods
Covid restrictions prevented dengue in hundreds of thousands of people in 2020.
SARS-CoV-2 in exhaled aerosol particles from covid-19 cases and its association to household transmission
Rapid spread of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron subvariant BA.2 in a single-source community outbreak
Antimicrobial-induced horizontal transfer of antimicrobial resistance genes in bacteria: a mini-review
Finding a Retirement Home for 466 Frozen Flatworm Fragments. When researchers end their careers, where do their biological collections go?


Despite carjackings, D.C. shouldn’t revert to ineffective tough-on-crime policies
Even with Public Financing, City Contractors Line Up to Kick in Campaign Cash for Bowser
A Fox News reporter’s schooling of Sean Hannity veers into dark territory
Amid war and brutality, Ukrainians are transformed and united
Ohio Has Its Own Definition of a Well-Regulated Militia
How Life as a Trucker Devolved Into a Dystopian Nightmare
You Can Take ‘Fraud Guarantee’ to the Bank. Or the Laundromat.
I have been asked about the Ukrainian language and culture and their difference from Russian, and I could go on a long linguistic/cultural discourse, but I think it’s not all that pertinent right now. It’s better to tell you about why Ukrainian cultural identity matters now.
U.S. Intelligence Says Putin Made a Last-Minute Decision to Invade Ukraine
Manchin worries free education will turn Americans into moochers. Students are left in the dust
Gridlock Is Coming Back. Noise Doesn’t Have To.
Putin’s Worsening Problems
This billionaire wants to pick your next senator
Ukraine’s Zelensky meets the moment as he speaks to Congress
Senate candidate Herschel Walker questions evolution, asking, ‘Why are there still apes?’ (he smart)
People Deserve to Know Their Houses Are Going to Burn
Lindsey Graham was angrier about Jan. 6 than he let on — or has indicated since
The World Has One Big Chance to Fix Plastics
America Needs a Better Plan to Fight Autocracy.
Neil Albert Hit With $15,000 Ethics Fine (Bowser crony)
Trump’s Ukraine extortion campaign didn’t begin or end with ‘I would like you to do us a favor’
Tom Nichols Calls Out Masculinist Identitarian Politics

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