Links 3/7/22

Links for you. Science:

The Pandemic Tanked Rates of Childhood Vaccination—for Everything. Routine shots are down for everything from measles to tetanus to polio, leaving kids unprotected and raising the risk of outbreaks. (mentions this post of mine)
Almost a third of people report lingering symptom 6-12 months after COVID-19 (Denmark, most likely unvaccinated; paper here)
I’m a Parent and a Statistician. There’s a Smarter Way to Think About the Under-5 Vaccine.
Exercise Can Build Up Your Brain. Air Pollution May Negate Those Benefits.
Why Can’t Kids Just Get Bigger Doses Of The COVID Vaccine?
Big, Invasive Parachuting Spiders Will Begin To Cover Entire East Coast, Experts Say


Is America to Blame for Russia’s War in Ukraine?
Many D.C. Workers Will Soon Get More Paid Leave, And Employers Will Get A Tax Cut
Democrats must find their voice on abortion rights
Health agencies have lost public trust: Can that be fixed?
Old & Full: Food Editor and Young & Hungry Columnist Laura Hayes Signs Off. How everyone from diners and developers to food media and city agencies can work together to help D.C.’s dining scene thrive.
Here’s what members of the D.C. Council think the city’s $900 million in unallocated money should go toward
The state of our union’s health care won’t be fixed by Biden’s proposals
‘My company is not my family’: Fed up with long hours, many employees have quietly decided to take it easy at work rather than quit their jobs
The real reason Russia is blocking Facebook
The West doesn’t want to push Putin toward using nuclear weapons. It might not matter.
Most Americans say the coronavirus is not yet under control and support restrictions to try to manage it, Post-ABC poll finds
Pictures and Video: The West Is Giving Thousands of Tank and Aircraft-Busting Missiles to Ukraine
What Rick Scott and Mitch McConnell are really arguing about
Restaurants Learned the Wrong Pandemic Lessons
Why homes owned by people of color are appraised for less
Candidates Like Robert White Want To Change How D.C. Develops Public Land. Could It Make a Difference to the Housing Crisis?
NIMBYism Reaches Its Apotheosis. Phil Bokovoy thinks Berkeley the school is putting Berkeley the city at risk. And he sued to stop it.
AIPAC’s PAC endorses dozens of Republicans who refused to certify Joe Biden as president
Kentucky lawmaker apologizes for referencing Jewish women’s sex life amid abortion debate
He wanted to build his son a house. He didn’t let an old tree and D.C. law stop him.
For The Disabled Community, The Pandemic Has Had Hidden Costs
‘Unprecedented killing’: The deadliest season for Yellowstone’s wolves
You Come And Never Blink An Eye
Biden has been good to federal unions. But one of the biggest ones says he needs to improve pay and benefits.
Meddling Kids

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