Links 3/6/22

Links for you. Science:

Recurrent SARS-CoV-2 Mutations in Immunodeficient Patients
Nondisclosure of queer identities is associated with reduced scholarly publication rates
What is the cost of bioinformatics? A look at bioinformatics pricing and costs
The role of schools in driving SARS-CoV-2 transmission: Not just an open-and-shut case
Post-COVID-19 syndrome. SARS-CoV-2 RNA detection in plasma, stool, and urine in patients with persistent symptoms after COVID-19
Meet the Spongy Moth, Whose Old Name Contained an Offensive Term: Having removed the pejorative name “gypsy moth” last July, the Entomological Society of America officially renamed Lymantria dispar.


Let’s Recall What Exactly Paul Manafort and Rudy Giuliani Were Doing in Ukraine
Ukraine war: ‘My city’s being shelled, but mum won’t believe me’
War, What Is It Good For?
What It’s Like To Stop Using Google Search
Chechens Fighting Chechens in Ukraine
Disinformation is still hurting in Kentucky’s battle against COVID-19
Wolf of Main Street: The fastest-growing landlord in the U.S. Midwest, Monarch Investment and Management Group, used evictions to drive up rents during the pandemic.
The Roger Stone tapes
The Good People
Don’t Be a Tankie: How the Left Should Respond to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
How English libel law enables Russian kleptocrats
Carlson tries to gaslight his way out of having pushed Putin’s anti-Ukraine propaganda for a month
San Francisco’s D.A. Says Angry Elites Want Him Out of Office
Russian Forces Destroyed the Wild and Beautiful Art of Maria Prymachenko
Canada’s abandoning of COVID-19 testing leaves us vulnerable to future variants, experts say
Republicans’ Monstrous Cruelty Toward President Zelensky: Before Trump celebrated Putin’s invasion, he tried to blackmail Ukraine into making up lies about Joe Biden.
I’m a Former Russian TV Anchor. Fox News Mimics State TV.
Tucker Carlson and J.D. Vance suffer a moment of self-doubt over Putin
White House transparency disputes imperil funds to buy Covid therapeutics
“If I do this, what do I have to lose?”: New documents show Trump feared no consequences for a coup
The Big Dunce: Which D.C. Agency Is the Worst?
The Ambassador Caught Between Ukraine and Trump
Girl Scout cookie sellers as young as 5 are being harassed for selling unhealthy food and a conspiracy theory about cookie money funding abortion
Freezing the clock: Nationwide push for permanent daylight saving time gains momentum

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