Links 3/1/22

Links for you. Science:

An open letter from Russian scientists and science journalists against the war with Ukraine
Meet the women diversifying shark science
PanGraph: scalable bacterial pan-genome graph construction
Ukrainian scientists fear for their lives and future amid Russian threat (pre-invasion)
‘A step to nowhere’: Russian scientist organizes protest of Ukraine war: Mikhail Gelfand’s antiwar letter has drawn hundreds of signatures from Russian scientists
Widespread Misinformation About Infertility Continues to Create COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy


Why I Support Initiative 82 (her opponent supported legislation that overturned it)
How Long Is Long Covid? How Long Would It Keep Him From Music? A celebrated Broadway conductor caught Covid in the first wave. Two despairing years later, he is finally reclaiming his old life, breath by breath.
Biden’s Ukraine Plans Face Wall Street Roadblock. Corporate lobbyists thwarted measures that could strengthen sanctions against the Putin regime — and they were lobbying as the threat of war intensified.
Iceland says it wants ‘as many people as possible’ to catch Covid after lifting all restrictions (this might not end well…)
They Fled for Greener Pastures, and There Were Weeds. City dwellers, who retreated to rural areas in the pandemic, now see drawbacks, from pests and social isolation to the difficulty of finding day care and health care.
Majority of D.C. residents support clearing of homeless encampments, Post poll finds. At the same time, District residents give Mayor Muriel Bowser low ratings on creating and maintaining affordable housing
Former N.Y.P.D. Union Head Charged in Fraud Case. Edward D. Mullins, the combative longtime leader of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, quit his union job and retired from the Police Department last year amid scandal. (he started ratcheting up his rhetoric as the feds closed in)
A Doctor in the Deep South Reflects on What the Texas Anti-Trans Law Could Mean for His Patients
Metro says multiple factors likely to blame for rail car defect
Biden will slap sanctions on Putin. Here’s what a tough response looks like.
Dems fear for democracy. Their big donors aren’t funding one of its main election groups.
How a guaranteed income pilot affected the lives of low income DC residents
GOP Lawmakers In Kentucky Apologize After Asking Government To ‘Jew Down’ Lease (this is who Republicans are)
Metro General Manager: Trains Every 10-20 Minutes Is ‘Very Good Service.’ Riders Vehemently Disagree
Why a bust of Maya Angelou was vandalized at BPL during an anti-vaccine protest
Why Pregnant People Were Left Behind While Vaccines Moved at ‘Warp Speed’ to Help the Masses
The real reason Putin played a pussycat during the Trump presidency
“The Beyblade Strategy” or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Focused Protection
Russia Used Beatings and Tricks to Forcibly Send Rookie Troops to Ukraine, Rights Group Says
Putin’s War Was Never Actually About NATO
Worse Than a Crime; It’s a Blunder. Anatol Lieven on the meaning and consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the West’s response
Laundered Money Could Be Putin’s Achilles’ Heel
Anti-Fauci Animal Rights Group Accused of Illegal Donations

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