Links 2/27/22

Links for you. Science:

Five months post-covid, Nicole Murphy’s heart rate is still doing strange things. The prevalence of such symptoms has experts projecting a ‘tidal wave’ of cardiovascular cases related directly and indirectly to the coronavirus
Analysis of “Stand Your Ground” Self-defense Laws and Statewide Rates of Homicides and Firearm Homicides
New Study Disavows Marshmallow Test’s Predictive Powers
COVID “long-haulers” may have finally found relief in inexpensive, over-the-counter drugs (small study size, but should follow up)
The Effectiveness Of Government Masking Mandates On COVID-19 County-Level Case Incidence Across The United States, 2020
Do masks really harm kids? Here’s what the science says. As more states drop mask mandates, experts explain why keeping them on in schools is still a smart move for families and teachers.


Why Is This Group of Doctors So Intent on Unmasking Kids? The physicians and scientists of The Urgency of Normal are cherry-picking data in their push to end pandemic precautions, but are getting favorable mainstream media attention and support from wealthy, white communities that never felt the full brunt of Covid-19. (excellent)
Commit to transparent COVID data until the WHO declares the pandemic is over (also excellent)
Privatize this! How we lost control of America’s public goods — and how we can get it back
Masks work, even for kids. But sometimes science isn’t enough.
What Happened to Giorgio Agamben? In February 2020, a hugely influential philosopher decided COVID lockdowns looked a lot like Nazi Germany. The fallout in academia and beyond has raged ever since.
Pandemic woes and internal failures pose an existential threat to Metrorail
‘Paper terrorism’: Parents against mask mandates bombard school districts with sham legal claims
The D.C. Housing Authority is Finally Holding New Elections for its Governing Board. A Shake-Up is on the Way.
Whatever Happened to Biden’s Pandemic Testing Board?
Fascists aren’t less fascist when they use the word “God” a lot
Maximum Belligerence
Kotok: What Long Covid Means for Financial Markets
The Dirty Secret of Inflation: Corporations Are Jacking Up Prices and Profits. Democrats are failing to speak to the realities of the economic moment—and it could cost them in the midterms.
How the West Gets Ukraine Wrong — and Helps Putin As a Result. The extraordinary history and culture of the largest country within Europe needs to be taken more seriously in the Kremlin and everywhere else, too.
I’m Worried This is Going to Kill Kids. A new amendment to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill (dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill) could put LGBTQ lives at risk.
The Curious Case of Ginni Thomas. One does not idly accuse the Supreme Court of corruption, but come on.
Meet Them Half Way
Biden Administration Halts New Drilling in Legal Fight Over Climate Costs
A Key to Returning to Normal Is Paid Sick Leave, Democrats Say
Red states are remaking the civil liberties landscape
No Driveways, No Garages, And No Guidance: Electric Vehicle Owners In D.C. Grapple With How To Charge
Director Of D.C. Public Safety And Violence Prevention Agency Resigns
Rick Scott’s Bonkers GOP Agenda Shows Why McConnell Doesn’t Want One

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