Links 2/24/22

Links for you. Science:

Pandemics disable people — the history lesson that policymakers ignore. Influenza, polio and more have shown that infections can change lives even decades later. Why the complacency over possible long-term effects of COVID-19? (because they are arrogant people who think bad things won’t happen to them)
Sewage Sampling Already Tracks Covid. What Else Can It Find? Everyone poops—and that reveals traces of pathogens. Comprehensively analyzing wastewater could help find flu and detect the next pandemic. (good, but using mcr-9 doesn’t tell us much, since it’s typically not linked to colistin resistance)
Here’s What the Pandemic Has in Store for the World Next. We’ll be grappling with Covid-related fallout as long as the specter of new variants looms.
A Billion Years Before Sex, Ancient Cells Were Equipped for It
Bat coronaviruses related to SARS-CoV-2 and infectious for human cells
Why Are Letters Shaped the Way They Are?


I wish we were monitoring (and reporting on) statistics about Long COVID the way we are about deaths. Death isn’t the only clinically relevant outcome of COVID, and our public health surveillance systems need to reflect that.
How the Left Should Think About Inflation. There is no compelling reason to raise interest rates, now or later. (excellent)
Birth control as a wedge issue
Two new candidates to enter D.C.’s Ward 3 Council race
MPD Internal Investigator Remains in Role After Racist Joke and Trumpy T-Shirt
D.C. Child Care Workers To Get $10,000 Checks As Part Of Pay-Raise Plan
Why an Arizona County Turned Down $1.9 Million in Covid Relief
Culture War
Trump’s luck may finally be running out (if his Gulf friends cut him off, he’s screwed)
Public officials shouldn’t hide behind private messaging systems
At long last, accountability for gunmakers. The families of those murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary have won a victory for all of us.
George Takei: ‘I maintain that without optimism, we’ve already failed’
Why are beef prices so high? Some ranchers and the White House say it’s more than just inflation.
Utah bucked alcohol industry with its tougher DUI law. A new study shows it made roads safer.
The Benefits of Getting the Covid Vaccine as a Pregnant Black Woman
Virginia school districts drop mask mandates — many reluctantly — to comply with new state law
America’s Disastrous 60-Year War
Metro’s prospects rise as omicron fades, but looming financial shortfall will shape service
Let’s Talk About the Taking of Black Land. From Seneca Village to “urban renewal,” the government has claimed Black property—rarely with the “just compensation” promised by the Fifth Amendment.
The Republicans Are Also in Disarray
Fox News appears to back off its ‘Hillary spied’ narrative after she mentions ‘actual malice’
Low-income parents are struggling two months after child tax credit payments ended
Steering the Fed. Why central banking needs a broader mandate for change
The dream of free community college is dead, because some private colleges and universities don’t want the competition
Revolt of the Super-Employees. In the workforce-wide star system, fissures emerge

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