Links 2/23/22

Links for you. Science:

An Undiscovered Coronavirus? The Mystery of the ‘Russian Flu’
Co-infection with SARS-COV-2 Omicron and Delta Variants Revealed by Genomic Surveillance
Infants and COVID Antibodies
Model-Estimated Association Between Simulated US Elementary School–Related SARS-CoV-2 Transmission, Mitigation Interventions, and Vaccine Coverage Across Local Incidence Levels (“With student vaccination coverage of 70% or less and moderate assumptions about mitigation effectiveness (eg, masking), mitigation could only be reduced when local case incidence was 14 or fewer cases per 100 000 residents per day to keep the mean additional cases associated with reducing mitigation to 5 or fewer cases per month.”)
Western megadrought is worst in 1,200 years, intensified by climate change, study finds
Sea level to rise one foot along U.S. coastlines by 2050, government report finds


Why covering anti-evolution laws has me worried about the future of vaccines (excellent)
What Pundits Don’t Understand About the San Francisco Recall. It was about incompetence. (must-read)
When Is It Safe To Lift School Mask Mandates? (when David Leonhardt sez so!)
Vampire killing kit
Ikea’s Race for the Last of Europe’s Old-Growth Forest. The furniture giant is hungry for Romania’s famed trees. Little stands in its way.
We’re Entering the Control Phase of the Pandemic
The “Freedom Convoy” Was Never Just a Protest. It’s an armed occupation of a G-7 capital.
Turning a City Into Pit Road at Daytona—But With Big Rigs—Is Not Good for Anyone’s Quality of Life
The Entire Scummy Infrastructure of Trump’s Business Career Is Beginning to Crumble
Trump is trying to sell his lease on D.C. hotel, but lying to his accountant may cost him $375M
New legislation could bring mobile voting to the District (this is bad idea from a security perspective)
How the Enemy Is Decided (“This is an easy thing to overlook but I think it’s important: Many Americans have a truly phobic relationship to the kind of fear that cannot be dealt with through combat. It’s as if FDR’s famous admonition about fear got taken a mite too literally.”)
New York Times editor Dean Baquet doesn’t care what you think
Web3 Is A Mid-Life Crisis
Declaring We’re Done With the Pandemic Is a Sign of Privilege. It is much easier for families to consider normalcy when they had much more of an ability throughout the pandemic to keep life as normal as possible. (once you cut through the barglespeak, this is good)
This 16-year-old wanted to get the COVID vaccine. He had to hide it from his parents
D.C. police lieutenant suspended over alleged ties to right-wing group
Race War One: The secret history of the national slave revolt
Who loses in Sarah Palin v. the Times?
Ibram X. Kendi Does Not Run the Democratic Party
Michelle Childs Sentenced a Man to 12 Years for Selling Eight Ounces of Weed
Vulnerable to the Virus, High-Risk Americans Feel Pain as the U.S. Moves On
Tennessee bill would designate some gun owners as law enforcement
Life in Rural Pennsylvania

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