Links 2/22/22

Links for you. Science:

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccine Boosting in Persons Already Protected by Natural or Vaccine-Induced Immunity
Historical contingency drives compensatory evolution and rare reversal of phage resistance
Where do we stand with Omicron?
Community Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant, South Korea, 202
The effectiveness of vaccination against long COVID. A rapid evidence briefing (note this is a one-person assessment, reviewed by a second person)
Why Scientists Are Sticking Microphones Underground


Democrats, Speak to Working-Class Discontent
A $5.9 Million Home To Lie To Ourselves In
‘Crypto Ruined My Life’: The Mental Health Crisis Hitting Bitcoin Investors
The Weird and Wonderful Black Hole Photographs: Censored Images From America’s Great Depression
5 Things COVID Experts Need To See Before They’ll Go Maskless At The Office
The Lesson Stalin Could Teach Putin About Invading a Neighbor
US oligarchs don’t care what the majority of Americans thinks about taxing the rich — here’s why
Hops, hope and hardiness: How to start a craft beer pub in a pandemic
When ‘Freedom’ Means the Right to Destroy
What the GOP meant when it called Jan. 6 ‘legitimate political discourse’: The RNC sparked a furor with three words in a resolution censuring two of its own. Those words had a narrow, and important, meaning.
Are Speed Cameras Racist? New analysis shows that camera placement is equitable — but road designs aren’t
Testing Testing One, Two, Three Times a Week. D.C. restaurants with fewer staff than they need to operate at full strength grapple with testing to stay open.
The Big Lie of the Elites
A Look Inside Interior. Biden appointed Native Americans to top jobs at the Cabinet agency, but so far the Interior Department’s policies have been business as usual.
New study shows lead in water causes higher levels of juvenile delinquency
The Very Intentional Way the U.S. Became a Nation of “Accidents”
Respectfully but sternly
Republicans Discover the Horror of Gerrymandering
A top researcher says it’s time to rethink our entire approach to preschool
Maybe it’s finally time for Democrats to stop fetishizing ‘bipartisanship’
Situation Normal, All Trucked Up
Canada’s trucker blockade is a right-wing fantasy made real
Republican precinct captain in Texas claims Biden and hospital murdered her father. (It was COVID)

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