Links 2/19/22

Links for you. Science:

Underground carbon-dioxide storage idea is cracked. And that’s actually good.
Florida’s beloved manatees are dying in alarming numbers again. Here’s why
Black death mortality not as widespread as believed
Australia Declares Koalas an Endangered Species
Beyond the Booster Shot
Did the First Americans Arrive via Land Bridge? This Geneticist Says No.


Norton ‘extremely concerned’ about possible Republican bill to repeal D.C.’s home rule
How to Reclaim Normal Life Without Being ‘Done’
Masks work, even for kids. But sometimes science isn’t enough.
The Mainstream Media Is Getting Academia Wrong. Still. Ever wonder why certain outlets tend to work so frequently with professors from elite schools?
Inside Patriot Front: The Masked White Supremacists On A Nationwide Hate Crime Spree
Omicron tore through an Arlington County homeless shelter. To contain it, they moved everyone into a motel.
Why King Tut Is Still Fascinating
The first Super Bowls were blacked out in the host cities. Then Nixon got mad.
Resource Limits to American Capitalism: The Predator State Today
Rollups: The Gators Defining the Merchant Makeover
A Month of Paid Leave Was Transformative for My Workplace
Missouri’s War on Public Health Shows Extent of National Rift
Dissolve The People And Elect Another
Bored Apes, BuzzFeed and the Battle for the Future of the Internet
I Pretended To Be White To Find Out Why White People Support Confederate Monuments
Where to Find Those Free N95 Face Masks
The Outrageous Story About the Postal Service Too Many Know Nothing About
A crisis management expert’s advice for Metro to win back riders: Stick to the basics
White Nationalists and Anti-Vax Moms Plot Ottawa Copycat Convoys on Telegram
Biden Should Nominate a Justice Beholden to People, Not Corporate Power: That’s Ketanji Brown Jackson
Elon Musk Reveals Jaw-Dropping Ignorance About Social Security
‘We Are Fed Up’: Wealthy Business People Who Donated to Far-Right Convoy Believe They Are Oppressed. Top donors that bankrolled ‘Freedom Convoy’ include investment bankers, real estate investors and start-up gurus
It was the most successful Jewish ad campaign of all time — but who was the model?
How the Sacklers Got Away With It

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