Links 2/18/22

Links for you. Science:

British archaeologists found a 5,000-year-old drum and three children locked in a neolithic embrace
THE CARBON FOOTPRINT OF BIOINFORMATICS (also see: Green Algorithms: Quantifying the Carbon Footprint of Computation)
‘Good, not great’: Some long Covid patients see their symptoms improve, but full recovery is elusive
Why a High-Ranking FBI Attorney Is Pushing ‘Unbelievable’ Junk Science on Guns
One of Evolution’s Oddest Creatures Finds a Fossilized Family Member
‘I Had Never Felt Worse’: Long Covid Sufferers Are Struggling With Exercise. And experts have some theories as to why.


Car dealers are raising prices. Automakers are pushing back. Consumers are stuck in between.
‘I’m trying to keep him alive.’ Life as an underpaid, overworked social worker in Providence
A Rhodes Scholar barista and the fight to unionize Starbucks
How Much Does One-Way Masking Protect You From COVID?
Millennia before UFC, there was the brutal Olympic sport of pankration
Boston University epidemiologist Dr. Eleanor Murray speaks on COVID-19 and endemicity
Capitalism had Israel’s kibbutzim on the ropes. Then they discovered pot.
California Needs to Get Serious About Homelessness
Can Democrats See What’s Coming?
Baseball Players Can’t Live on “a Cup of Coffee”: The media’s “billionaires vs. millionaires” view of the current baseball lockout is a major league lie. The vast majority of players who reach the big leagues don’t play long enough to make much money—or even a decent pension.
What Are Taxpayers Spending for Those ‘Free’ Covid Tests? The Government Won’t Say.
Clarence and Ginni Thomas, the Supreme Court’s Unethical “It” Couple
Lien on Me. Who benefits when public tax debt is transferred into private hands?
Did Modern Monetary Theory Get a Tryout?
How America Criminalizes Black Youth
America has surrendered to Fox
A Porno-Metal Song About Gay Cowboys Is Disrupting the Anti-Vax Trucker Convoy: “Ram Ranch” has become the unofficial anthem of leftist trolling the far-right protests in Ottawa
The Rams might be winners, but two communities know what has been lost
People In South Dakota Are Already Living In A Post-Roe World
Biden shouldn’t bother searching for a justice who’s a mushy compromiser
Most of Boston’s schools lack fully functioning libraries. The superintendent vowed to change that — but will her successor?
Biden’s free covid tests plan shortchanges Americans of color and hardest-hit communities, say health workers and activists
A month after the tents were cleared in Mass. and Cass, signs of tumult, and hope
Into the Fir: Tens of thousands of restaurants have closed during the pandemic. The inside story of one family’s battle to save theirs.

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