Links 2/15/22

Links for you. Science:

Immunogenicity and Safety Following a Homologous Booster Dose of a SARS-CoV-2 recombinant spike protein vaccine (NVX-CoV2373): A Phase 2 Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial
Is the Coronavirus in Your Backyard?
SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Hospitalization Among Adults Aged ≥18 Years, by Vaccination Status, Before and During SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.529 (Omicron) Variant Predominance — Los Angeles County, California, November 7, 2021–January 8, 2022
Multiple spillovers from humans and onward transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in white-tailed deer
Physical and mental health 3 months after SARS-CoV-2 infection (long COVID) among adolescents in England (CLoCk): a national matched cohort study
The staggering death toll of drug-resistant bacteria


Bowser Lifts Vaccine Mandate, Stunning Most and Disappointing Many (worth noting the number of businesses that don’t like this)
The coming backlash against growth and jobs (excellent)
The National Zoo Has A New Ostrich Named Linda
What to Do With Our Pandemic Anger
Lies Are the Building Blocks of Trumpian Authoritarianism
Okay We Did What The Smartest Boys On The Internet Told Us To
New report details the influence of Christian nationalism on the insurrection (people who aren’t Christian aren’t surprised at all…)
Assessing D.S.A.’s Ukraine Statement
The Supreme Court Is Even More Conservative Than You Think
COVID-19 Likely Resulted in 1.2 Million More Disabled People by the End of 2021—Workplaces and Policy Will Need to Adapt
This Is the Kind of History They Want to Pass Laws Against Teaching. If Carlotta Walls was strong enough to live through it, the kids are strong enough to learn about it.
Roger Stone Is Raking It In—From Candidates He Endorses
The Duplex Next Door Is Normal. The One Not Yet Built Is a Threat.
The Warehouse Space Race. With warehouse capacity at a premium, businesses try to get goods and move them out as global economic chaos disrupts long-held ideas about stocking stuff just in time.
‘Twisted and grotesque’: Public health officials say politicians’ attacks jeopardize ability to respond to future pandemics
How Democrats Turned the Tables in the Gerrymandering Wars: Conservatives are suddenly hopping mad that their opponents decided to play the game by the GOP’s rules.
The Irrational Fear of Covid
Moral rot in celebrity academia
With California’s mask mandate set to end, should you go maskless? Here’s what UCSF’s Dr. Wachter says
Is D.C. Giving Out Shoddy KN95 Masks? There Are Troubling Warning Signs.
New data on how Americans drank themselves to death during the pandemic
Are We Even Talking About the Same “Housing Crisis”?
New York Needs to Learn a Housing Lesson From … New Jersey?
What’s behind the right-wing book-ban frenzy? Big money, and a long-term plan
Ban The Jerks
Memo To Dems: Stop Taking These Maskless Pictures. It’s simple. Don’t make others do shit you don’t do.

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