Links 2/13/22

Links for you. Science:

Biden’s top science adviser bullied and demeaned subordinates, according to White House investigation (doesn’t surprise me, this is the quintessential tech founder managerial ‘style’, and he was known to do this; to be clear, it’s bad, and reflects poor day-to-day managing)
Physicist ousted from research post after sending offensive tweet to Hispanic meteorologist
National Zoo’s oldest flamingo Betty dies at the age of 67.. Betty, was acquired by the zoo in 1976, had one chick of her own and fostered many others (it takes a villageflock)
Selection analysis identifies unusual clustered mutational changes in Omicron lineage BA.1 that likely impact Spike function
Scientists name newly discovered flatworm after covid-19
Students of color persist in STEM despite racial stereotypes


The Brian Flores experience? ‘That’s the reality for most Black coaches.’
It’s legislate-against-LGBTQ-kids season in Florida
Maybe Somebody Else Should Do Something
Trump and allies try to redefine racism by casting White men as victims
Home Is Where the Money Is
How America’s Supply Chains Got Railroaded
The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Has a New Corporate Megadonor
Rensselaer man says ballots filed for him and his wife are frauds (Republicans self-project again)
Want Affordable Housing? Strengthen Regional Governments.
A Potential COVID Game-Changer: Progressives demand the U.S. share the Army’s promising new COVID vaccine with the world. (this is fine, but I haven’t seen data for these ‘free’ vaccines)
Inside Trickbot, Russia’s Notorious Ransomware Gang
Give my regards to SL 368? Why Abbott killed San Antonio’s Broadway plan
The Other Speed Trap
The plan to ‘Trump-proof’ 2024 gets a big boost — from Donald Trump
The Economy Is Good, Actually
When it comes to mistreatment of workers, Biden fails his own test (I think these stories miss why this happened, but, regardless, he shouldn’t have been OSTP chief)
We Sent Some American Crazy Up to Canada. You Better Believe It’s Going to Rebound.
Why Trucking Can’t Deliver the Goods
Vastly unequal US has world’s highest Covid death toll – it’s no coincidence
Inside Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Unlikely Rise and Precipitous Fall at Liberty University
The Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists and the Butterflies
Student Vaccine Mandates Are the Next Political Crisis. Leaders wrestle over whether requiring student Covid shots will politicize other pediatric vaccines and embolden vaccine opponents.

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