Links 2/11/22

Links for you. Science:

How Software in the Life Sciences Actually Works (And Doesn’t Work)
In New York City Sewage, a Mysterious Coronavirus Signal. For the past year, scientists have been looking for the source of strange coronavirus sequences that have appeared in the city’s wastewater.
The myth of a ‘super-charged’ immune system
Preprints on the coronavirus have been impressively reliable
Secondary Transmission of COVID-19 in K–12 Schools: Findings From 2 States
High Rates of Rapid Antigen Test Positivity After 5 days of Isolation for COVID-19


Focus groups: Black Americans want Biden to be more aggressive, especially on student loan relief
California county on track to be run by militia-aligned group
Man who recorded himself using snowplow to spray Jewish people fired and under investigation
The language of the new red scare. Why has so much reporting on Critical Race Theory ignored its open and deliberate attacks on socialism?
Startling Trump interference points to GoFundMe convoy campaign manipulation
Readers critique The Post: Show photos of the ‘right’ masks worn properly
30 minutes in Roslindale: Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s block has taken center stage in one of the city’s ugliest political dramas (assholes)
Black History Month founder showed how schools should teach about race
How a butterfly refuge at the Texas border became the target of far-right lies
In Maryland, a segregated school is one of many in the country to be preserved
Who gets to live free in N.H.? Not the state’s teachers, if a law demanding their loyalty comes to pass.
In Virginia, some students worry about a future without coronavirus vaccine mandates
The Town That QAnon Nearly Swallowed
That’s A Lot Of Dead People
We Need a 92 Percent Tax on Pandemic Profiteers
Congressional Staffers Unionize After Viral Instagram Account Exposes Poor Working Conditions (attempting to get recognized, not that they’ve won the election)
Must Try Harder: Grading President Biden’s First Year
Over 100 extremist candidates demonstrate how radical-right takeover of GOP is complete
Members Tlaib and Jones Introduce the End Child Poverty Act
Is This Your Brain on Drugs?
Flock of Crows at Dawn, by Kawanabe Kyōsai
The Failure of Police Reform: Atlanta’s city government spent decades on half-hearted measures meant to address police violence.

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