Links 2/7/22

Links for you. Science:

Persistent SARS-CoV-2 Infection with Accumulation of Mutations in a Patient with Poorly Controlled HIV Infection
Bird Flu Is Back in the US. No One Knows What Comes Next
Smartphone And Spit: A Game-Changing Test For Covid And Flu
Where did Omicron come from? Three key theories
Superbugs were already on the rise. The pandemic likely made things worse.
Orcas Are Able to Kill and Eat Blue Whales, Scientists Confirm


Joe Biden Never Wanted a Roosevelt-Style Presidency
Companies spent decades demanding total loyalty from employees while treating them as if they were disposable. The ‘Great Resignation’ is payback time.
A Lot Of Fully Vaccinated People Are Dying
Clyburn Pushes Management-Side Labor Attorney for Supreme Court. Michelle Childs, a potential choice to replace Stephen Breyer, worked for years defending employers accused in racial, gender, and other discrimination cases. (now we know why Republican senator Lindsey Graham is a big fan of her…)
Is Old Music Killing New Music?
NFTs Are, Quite Simply, Bullshit
The James Webb Space Telescope and a Quest Every Human Shares
Cheer Up, Aaron Rodgers
DC Health updates coronavirus guidance to include negative test result before ending isolation (never thought I would see D.C. have better policies than the CDC, but here we are…)
Two New York nurses charged with forging Covid vaccine cards to earn more than $1.5 million
Just Incredibly Stupid people
Why I do not expect a civil war in America (and what does worry me)
The center cannot hold: Manchin and Sinema are wrecking America — here’s how to beat them (“There is a danger that, just as Arlington, Virginia, was once part of D.C. but returned to Virginia, that the GOP — if they take power — will change the “Capitol District” to just include the Mall/Capitol/White House federal lands, and seek to merge the rest of D.C. with Maryland, to end the D.C. statehood thing once and for all.”)
New Rule: Bill Maher Should Look in the Mirror. The comedian sees himself as a one-man truth squad fighting the woke so Democrats can prevail in Middle America. He’s not.
Facebook versus the BMJ: when fact checking goes wrong
An 8-year-old slid his handwritten book onto a library shelf. It now has a years-long waitlist.
Bridges are failing in Iowa, but the legislature wants to ban books
At Texas rally, Trump all but promised a racially charged civil war if he’s indicted
The American Hyper-Focus on Individualism Makes Us Poorer, Sicker, and Sadder
What can Houston teach Los Angeles about solving homelessness?
About Those Censorship Attacks. It’s worse than we know.
We Thought We Were Lucky the American Fascists Were Incompetent. But Even They Came Close.
What We Can Learn From How the 1918 Pandemic Ended
How a rogue governor could steal the next presidential election for Trump

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