Links 2/3/22

Links for you. Science:

The hunt for Beijing’s wild cats
The first three waves of the Covid-19 pandemic hint at a limited genetic repertoire for SARS-CoV-2
Covid-19 Vaccines Don’t Affect Chances of Getting Pregnant Through IVF, Fertility Clinic Study Finds
New Research Hints at 4 Factors That May Increase Chances of Long Covid. If further study confirms the findings, they could lead to ways to prevent and treat the complex condition.
How this little marsupial’s poo nurtures urban gardens and bushland (and how you can help protect them)
SARS-CoV-2 infection triggers paracrine senescence and leads to a sustained senescence-associated inflammatory response


More Reaping
The American sickness
Conservatives Are Pre-Mad at Biden’s Supreme Court Pick Before the Pick Has Been Made
More than half of Virginia school districts are defying Youngkin’s mask-optional order
IRS wants to scan your face. Starting this summer, you’ll need to provide a video of your face to access the agency’s website. It’s a major expansion of the use of facial recognition software by the government.
Why Did the Florida Surgeon General Clam Up When Asked Whether the Vaccines Work?
Immunocompromised patients eligible for 4th COVID shot are being turned away
I Was An ER Nurse For 10 Years. These Are The Nightmare Conditions That Made Me Quit.
Georgia’s 2021 elections show why voting rights legislation is an emergency
Nobody Cares Whether You ‘Believe’ in the Separation of Church and State. That’s the Law, Champ.
Virginia’s new Republican AG says universities cannot mandate COVID-19 vaccine
Do You Know What You Sign Away When You Click ‘I Agree’? Those user agreements are not as benign as Big Tech would like us to believe.
What Conservatives Really Mean When They Say Biden’s Potential SCOTUS Nominees Are “Unqualified”
Meet the mild-mannered progressive who’s breaking the filibuster
I Write About America’s Absurd Health Care System. Then I Got Caught Up in It.
DeSantis’ Demented Doc Is About to Get the Grilling He Deserves
The Rise of the Crypto Mayors. This new political breed accepts paychecks in Bitcoin. The mayors also want to use buzzy new tech like NFTs to raise money for public projects. (didn’t age well…)
Privacy concerns are breaking the Census. A strange tale of runaway statutory interpretation (it’s Yglesias, but he is right about this)
The Nursing Home Slumlord Manifesto
D.C.’s New Contract To Upgrade 75,000 Streetlights Is Under The Spotlight
When Whiteness Starts Seeing Itself: The fact that white people are suddenly having to recognize themselves as having a race has only added to growing resentment over the country’s demographic changes. (this is good, but now do this for religion)
Crypto Skeptic Set to Join Consumer Finance Watchdog (Alexis Goldstein is great on many issues; excellent hire)
Florida Is Fast-Tracking An Abortion Ban That Could Devastate The Southeast
Democracy is in danger and so are the people fighting for it, because white comfort leads to American violence. From Michelle Wu to Rachael Rollins, being women of color in politics always meant dealing with debate and dissent. It shouldn’t mean death threats and violence.

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